Many people don’t realize the extent of the pet homelessness issue in the U.S. While we love and adore the dogs we share our homes with, the fact that there are some 70 million stray cats and dogs living on the streets gets easily ignored. These animals need a loving home just as much as any other does, but sadly, they rarely get this chance. Of the six to eight million homeless animals that are brought into animal shelters a year, only a small fraction ever end up being adopted.

Hope for Paws dog rescue, however, is determined to put an end to these sad statistics. In this video, the Hope for Paws team is called in to help a homeless Golden Retriever, Clarabelle, who was living in an industrial park. The people who called for help had been feeding Clarabelle, but it was clear that she needed much more than just the occasional meal.


Life on the streets had left the poor dog extremely wary of humans, but the expert rescue team was able to finally gain her trust and bring her to safety. After a bath and a lot of love, Clarabelle has transformed into a happy, affectionate pup who is all ready to start fresh in a new forever home!

To learn more about adopting this gorgeous Goldie, check out the South California Labrador Retriever Rescue website, here.

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