Animal Aid Unlimited received an alarming call about a street dog who was lying on the ground listlessly and had not moved from the same spot for two days. Soon, it became clear that she was starving because of her injury, a broken jaw. They quickly scooped her up and transported her to the rescue.

The dog, now named Dory, was too weak to even stand on her own. She let the rescuers and vets help her without putting up the smallest of fights. Several of her teeth were broken and vets had to place a wire around her lower jaw to fix a fracture. Soon, thanks to the rescuer’s help, Dory was finally able to start eating again!

Today, there is no trace left of the old skinny and fragile Dory! She recovered beautifully and now spends her days playing with other dogs, cuddling up to people, and, of course, eating as much food as she wants – all the while being just about the sweetest pup you can imagine.

You can help Animal Aid Unlimited save the lives of more animals like Dory by making a donation, here.

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