Erika Flores, a veterinarian for International Fund for Animal Welfare‘s Companion Animal Project in Cozumel, Mexico, was working her usual rounds in an impoverished neighborhood in Playa del Carmen when she spotted a small, white, and wet dog attempting to dodge cars. Seeing he was wet with matted fur, Flores stopped her car, reached out to pick him up, and placed him in the passenger seat of her car.

“He came close and looked at me with that look that means, ‘I need help,’” she said.


Safe and sound.

As she was about to give the lost pup a thorough examination at the nearby tent, she spotted two young boys watching her, giggling and smiling. The kids then approached her with a flower.

“I asked them why such a nice gesture and they told me they were very worried about the dog. They also saw him in the road sorting out the cars, and they were figuring out how to help him when I stopped my car and rescued him,” she said.

From homeless on the street, to three new friends.

The boys, named Kevin and Brayan, who face difficult circumstances themselves while living in poverty, were relieved to know that the four-legged friend they had been watching would soon be alright. Despite the dog being wet and pretty smelly from life on the streets, the boys asked the vet if they could pet him and soon made good friends with the pup they wished to rescue.

Soon after his physical, the homeless dog was given a fresh new look – washed, trimmed and of course, given lots of love by his new friends. The handsome canine is now in a foster home awaiting adoption.



 Look how handsome!


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 All image source:  Erika Flores/IFAW