Hope for Paws is an animal rescue group in Los Angeles, California that specializes in saving abandoned and homeless animals from the streets. When they received the news that a young homeless dog had given birth outdoors during the heaviest rainstorm of the season, the rescue team drove over three hours to save her.

The young mother had built a den in thick brush to protect herself and her litter of eight adorable newborns. With great patience and a handful of treats, these kind rescuers were able to gain the trust of this sweet dog, put a “lucky leash” around her neck, and move her and her puppies to safety.

As the above video shows, the loving mother they named Rainbow is truly grateful for her rescuers and is now wagging her tail with her happy, healthy puppies bouncing all around her.

If you are interested in adopting Rainbow and/or any of her puppies, please contact The Little Red Dog rescue team. If you cannot adopt but would like to contribute to the mission, please consider making a donation to Hope for Paws. They could not do the miraculous work they do without the help of kind animal lovers like you!

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