Pet abandonment is simply defined as the act of leaving a pet without the intent of returning and continuing to care for the animal. While most states consider the act of abandonment to be unlawful, it can be difficult to identify and locate an animal’s original caretaker. This means that most cases of animal abandonment sadly go unpunished.

Every year, an estimated four million dogs are dumped at shelters, seized from private households (such as when housing residents move out without taking their pets), or kicked out onto the street where they are forced to fend for themselves. This was the case for three chihuahuas trying to survive in Los Angeles, California.

Marty, Brooklyn, and Penny were taking refuge at a fast food stop when Hope for Paws was alerted about the trio. Upon examination, the organization determined that the dogs had been shot with BB guns and two of the dogs bore scars and markings. With such little kindness and compassion offered in their direction, the chihuahuas were timid at the presence of a human. Coaxing them with food, a rescuer was able to gain the trust of these poor pups and eventually capture them.

After a nice bath and a lot of treats, the dogs were finally warmed up to these new people and start snuggling with anybody who would enter the room! While we are sad to report that Penny is no longer with us, we are happy to see that her last days were full of snuggles, ear rubs, and compassion. We are also ecstatic to let everyone know that Marty and Brooklyn are both living joyfully with foster homes through Wags and Walks.

For more information about what to do if you find an abandoned dog OR what steps you can take to adopt a rescued pup, please visit the Walks and Walks website. While a rescued animal may be a little shy or beat up, just remember that they’ve been through a lot and they deserve just as much love as any other pet. Be the home of a foster pet today!

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