The rate of homeless animals living on the streets in the U.S. is terrifying high at about 70 million stray animals. Out of these animals, only about 6 to 8 million are brought into shelters. The rest are forced to endure the harsh reality of being abandoned, neglected, and lost.

In the video above, watch as Hope For Paws, a non-profit animal rescue organization, saves one of the millions of animals abandoned. Named Holly, this terrified dog was shaking when a Hope For Paws rescuer came to her aid.


Gaining her trust, the rescuer was able to bring Holly back to Hope For Paws, where she got the medical attention and love she needed. Holly is now a happy go lucky girl and is currently looking for a forever home.

If you would like to adopt Holly (or her video co-star Wally), please contact Cheryl at [email protected] If you would like to make a small contribution towards helping more animals like Holly, visit the Hope For Paws website here.