In Alexandria, Ontario, a pig headed to slaughter was saved thanks to the most incredible stroke of luck. The pig, now named Harley-Quinn, fell off the slaughterhouse truck and was miraculously spotted by kind people, including rescuers from the organization Refuge RR. Not long ago, it seemed like her fate was decided – but now, Harley-Quinn is safe and recovering in the comfort of her new home.

After falling off the truck, the pig had to be helped as soon as possible otherwise, she would have been in danger of being hit by a car, Refuge RR reports. Fortunately, highway workers, SPCA l’Ouest, the police, and Refuge RR quickly teamed up to catch the animal and get her to safety right away.


Harley-Quinn was soon in the rescuers’ vehicle, ready to be transported to Refuge RR. Now she finally has a home where she is “warm, cozy, fed and most of all loved.”


Harley-Quinn turned out to be just about the luckiest pig there can be. Thanks to the immediate help she received from the many bighearted people willing to do everything to get her out of danger, she is now enjoying the safe life that every animal should be able to live.

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All image source: Refuge RR/Facebook