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In Rode, India, locals were touched by the compassion of a Rhesus macaque monkey who had adopted a homeless puppy. Town locals thought it was bizarre at first, but the apparent love between the two animals was too much to deny. This just goes to show you that love knows no species.

The monkey cares for the little puppy and keeps the little one close as if he were caring for his own baby. 

Monkey Who Adopted a Street Puppy in India Proves That Love Knows No Species

The details of how the two met are unclear, but the puppy, who was likely born on the streets, seems well taken care of.

Monkey Who Adopted a Street Puppy in India Proves That Love Knows No Species

The monkey doesn’t let the puppy out of his sight for a moment and has even defended him from other street dogs. 

Monkey Who Adopted a Street Puppy in India Proves That Love Knows No Species When villagers, started to leave food out for the pair, the monkey always allowed the puppy to eat first.

Monkey Who Adopted a Street Puppy in India Proves That Love Knows No Species Zee News reports: “Their undying affection gives us a valuable lesson about relationships.”

Monkey Who Adopted a Street Puppy in India Proves That Love Knows No Species



It’s remarkable that a difference in species didn’t keep this monkey from becoming a responsible parent to a puppy who otherwise would not have had anyone to care for him. That just goes to show you that compassion has no limit!

All image source: PARITHITAMIL/Twitter

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473 comments on “This Monkey Found a Homeless Puppy Living on the Street and Decided to Adopt Him as His Own!”

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BJ Geraghty
10 Months Ago

I was thinking just this week how arrogant we are , to assume we are the brightest and the best thing to live on this beautiful earth.Just look around at the animals, the insects, the plant life that Nature guides thru life, and how wisely it is accomplished. Of course there isn\'t a lot of interference from these beings on their journey thru life. We seem to be unable to follow Natures ways, and we certainly do a lot of interfering ! Just saying!!

debi drums
11 Jul 2017

I agree. I had a pet squirrel monkey as a teen and he was another member of my colorful family. His name was Adam. He loved all of the pets we had including Jingles, our parrot, our 3 cats and 2 dogs. He was a wonderful little guy full of life and love for his family..Monkeys should not be taken out of their natural habitat because climates don\'t always agree with their health. He died young because living in Chciago in the winter was way too cold for a Monkey from South America.

Manel Dias
10 Months Ago

Animals are so compassionate and truly & GENUINELY do the things to other animal friends. I wish BOTH these sweet creatures should live a long life protecting each others lives, in India....where many people have no respect for animals at all...

Muriel Servaege
10 Months Ago

Compassionate and selfless monkey. Man would have a lot to learn from animals.

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Muriel Servaege
1 Years Ago

God bless the monkey and his puppy. The monkey is so selfless we\'d better follow his example.

1 Years Ago

Let s share this with the people who experiment on Monkeys - I just wonder why more people are not involved with signing off on petitions like this one: https://www.change.org/p/dogs-need-your-help-tell-congress-to-stop-cruel-taxpayer-funded-experiments and so many others. We don\'t need to test on animals to a great degree - certainly not for cosmetics , for cigarettes and other industry oriented products, of-course we shouldn\'t be testing on animals at all. Shoving corrosive chemicals down their throats so we can have more brand names like the ones for cleaning windows. There are alternatives. Viable scientific alternatives to testing on animals. Simply lives. Don\'t buy products that are tested on animals. Companies don\'t want to tell us anymore whether they test on animals or not. But as consumers, we have a right to know.

01 Mar 2017

Absolutely agree with you. Billions of species are suffering tremendously just for being different... it\'s actually pathetic to know how cruel, dismissive, selfish, arrogant and racist some can be. We call ourselves "human" but if there\'s nothing humane left in us we are the cancer of any society. Many will not be afraid to destroy, grab, control, abuse, exploit, enslave, experiment on and kill others only to fulfil their own greedy, selfish, arrogant, crippled ideas, egos and needs. They mustn\'t be ignored, supported, encouraged and allowed. Silence is worst than evil. Being silent is no longer and option if we want to make our world a better place for ALL animals ( human or not). The following is for anyone who wants to know and do better. You might be glad you did:
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https://www.facebook.com/plantbasednews/videos/1789720841281012/ THANK YOU FOR CARING!!!!!

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