While it might seem abhorrent in the U.S., dog meat farming and consumption happens across Asian countries like China and Korea. Like the cows, pigs, and chickens that we raise for consumption in America, these dogs are subjected to horrific conditions and never get to experience anything but pain and fear. Luckily, thanks to organizations like Humane Society International countless dogs like the adorable little puffball in this video, named Snowball, have been rescued from this life.

Snowball was saved from a dog meat farm in South Korea in January of 2015. It only took one year to take him from a frightened, mistreated puppy to a happy-go-lucky family dog! Without Humane Society International and the support of animal lovers, Snowball would never have gotten the opportunity to chew up snow, exercise in the sun, or play tug of war with his big brown buddy.


Sadly dogs are still being sold for meat, but now’s the time to put an end to it! To find out more about what you can do,  head over to Humane Society International’s website or Facebook. With your help, we can wipe out dog meat trading for good!