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The times are a changing! McDonald’s recently announced “The McVegan,” a soy-based patty topped with vegan fixings. The all-vegan burger is currently being tested at a McDonald’s location in Tampere, Finland, from October 4th through November 21st, so you might want to grab your plane ticket soon!

Of course, if you’re avoiding all animal products, then you’ll want to skip the fries. Unfortunately, McDonald’s fries contain “natural beef flavors,” an ingredient that is made from wheat and milk derivatives. Don’t worry, though — you can pick up an order of vegan fries to-go at Wendy’s.

We’re glad to see McDonald’s get on board with the plant-based trend, also just recently released an all-vegetarian burger in France. For all of us who are stateside, don’t worry, you can still get your meat-free burger fix at fast food establishments. The plant-based Beyond Burger is being tested in T.G.I. Friday’s locations and White Castle offers two different vegan burgers.

According to the 2017 Protein Alternatives Report by global market research firm Mintel, Millennials are especially open to meat alternatives; 64 percent have tried meatless burgers. Meanwhile, only one in five Millennials has tried a Big Mac. Whether one is gravitating towards meatless options due to diet, environmental concernshealth, or animal welfare concerns, veggie burgers are no longer a fringe trend!

We’ll see how the McVegan does in Finland and will anxiously await its move to the U.S.!

To learn more about trends and developments in the plant-based food space, check out our podcast #EatForThePlanet with Nil Zacharias.

Image source: mcdonaldssuomi/Instagram

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0 comments on “McDonald’s Is Testing a New Vegan Burger!”

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11 Months Ago

I have very mixed feelings about Mcdonalds selling a vegan burger.
Yes it is potentially putting another food option on the high street for veges/vegans, but in all honesty I would not go into a McDonalds and buy one simply because their primary products are meat, and they make their billions from the abuse and slaughter of animals.
It smells more of creating a vege option to encourge parties of potential customers who have a vege/vegan present, to buy their meat burgers with the poor vege getting a "well, they have a vegan burger so you can eat too", rather than going elsewhere.
We live our lives surrounded by people eating meat and this is something we have to accept, but sitting in a McDonalds eating a vegan burger while those around you are stuffing greasy meat burgers in their faces would not give me an appetite.

11 Months Ago

In Portugal we already have an Mc veggie and Burguer King has a Beanburger for vegetarians. They are not wonderfull, but yes! It\'s great to have an option and it\'s also great to see that companies and people are changing their behaviours. Hope you get your Mcveggie soon because it\'s not only about the free-meat option it\'s about the little steps like this that will change something in the future.

11 Months Ago

Well, I hope they don\'t forget about the eggs in the bread, otherwise, its just vegetarian.....
Compatible Cells(Plants) Expansive Cells(from animals)

Bindar Dunit
11 Months Ago

Great idea BUT.....SOY???? fried alongside with beef fats? SOY is assuredly (about 95%) GMO. Many people
ESPECIALLY women must avoid SOY to protect THYROID FUNCTION. With all the other clean proteins why use
SOY? it is cheap but is also toxic. Please if you\'re gonna do it, do it RIGHT....VEGAN BURGERS with NO GMOs.

06 Oct 2017

I agree with you, but that 95% of soy that is GMO is most likely fed to animal stock... I\'m curious to see if Mc D\'s will use non GMO soy. They kinda have to if they want to attract the vegan clientele.

Andrew Zollman
07 Oct 2017

Soy is just as healthy (and probably healthier) as other legumes for humans (unless you\'re one of the few with an allergy or thyroid problem). There\'s a lot of misinformation about it out there: https://freefromharm.org/health-nutrition/vegan-doctor-addresses-soy-myths-and-misinformation/

But most GMO soy is fed to farm animals (and most of the soy products vegetarians/vegans buy to eat are non-GMO. Even if McDonalds uses GMO soy, if their customers eat less beef, then that\'s a drastic reduction in GMO soy consumption (it takes 16 lbs. of plants like soy to produce 1 lb. of beef).

Di Hollis
11 Months Ago

they will be cooked alongside meat burgers & absorb all that animal fat, NO THANKS not that I would eat at McDonalds anyway.

Lucas Eshghzadeh
11 Months Ago

I will never eat at McDonalds. They only serve garbage.

Seth Tyrssen
11 Months Ago

They may want your cash, but until McDemons stops using trash meats, encouraging the horrendous conditions in the animal cruelty industry (otherwise known as the "food industry") and negates its anti-cannabis stand (they were major contributors to spraying paraquat on growers\' fields, back in the day) then you deserve a break today, so get up and get away from McDonalds. DON\'T GIVE THESE CREEPS A DIME.

11 Months Ago

Great news McDonald’s ! One vegan burger, please. No french fries.

Bindar Dunit
06 Oct 2017

(SEE MY COMMENT ABOVE) but it is BEST to avoid SOY PROTEINS especially to protect
women\'s THYROID. Soy is a known goitregen....Interferes with thyroid...AND 95% of SOY
grown in US are GMO and NON organic. just saying. If you see a fantastic true vegan non soy
(pea protein) DELICIOUS vegan burger go to your local grocery (Smith, Albertsons, Target,
Walmart Whole Foods) and you will find "BEYOND BURGERS"...you cannot tell by taste OR appearance that it is not beef.

11 Months Ago

Good for Finland.
It should be good for US.

11 Months Ago

FINLAND?! C\'mon! We need that here in the upper midwest US. Who needs to be educated more? US or Finland?


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