Rudolph is an adorable orphaned fawn who was rescued by a kind young man last week in Victoria, Australia. Normally, rescuing an animal is one of the most rewarding things that a person can do; however, this family’s joy was cut short when officers from the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport, and Resources (DEDJTR) showed up at their door with a court order from the local magistrate, demanding that Rudolph be turned in to city officials in order to be killed! They then took the tiny deer away, ignoring both his cries and the cries of the family who desperately tried to save the animal’s life.





With nowhere else to turn, the family then contacted Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary, a nearby animal sanctuary that is known to rescue farm animals. Although they do not accept uninjured wildlife, they called around until they found a spot for Rudolph at the Jirrahlinga Koala and Wildlife Sanctuary. Here Rudolph would have the opportunity to grow up with other rescued animals and hopefully be released back into the wild one day. Finding a home for Rudolph at a wildlife sanctuary seemed to be the perfect solution to the problem, yet the Magistrate has signed the poor animal’s death warrant anyway!

With an Appeal set up for February 18, 2016, at the Country Court in Shepparton, the clock is now ticking to save this little fawn’s life. The courts need to hear that this kind of cruelty towards helpless animals will not be tolerated and that contrary to what they may want to believe, animal lives do matter!

To lend your voice to little Rudolph, please send a letter requesting that he to be sent immediately to Jirrahlinga Koala and Wildlife Sanctuary to the following address:

The Honorable Daniel Andrews, MP, Premier
Office of the Premier 1 Treasury Place Melbourne, Victoria Australia, 3000
Email: [email protected]


Hon. Jaala Pulford
MP Minister Responsible for the Game Management Authority
Level 16, 8 Nicholson Street East Melbourne, VIC 3002
Email: [email protected]


By doing so, you will not only be saving Rudolph but also helping to keep the spirit of kindness and goodwill alive.

Image source: Edgar’s Mission