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Pit Bulls and their guardians are frequently subjected to unfair treatment due to the stigma’s surrounding the breed. Many people associate these dogs with fighting, but anyone who has known a Pit Bull understands that, just like any other breed, pitties are capable of being wonderful companions when given the proper love and care. Unfortunately, the negative stereotype against Pit Bulls has lead to the creation of Breed Specific Legislation that bars people from adopting them in certain municipalities, and low adoption rates make them one of the highest euthanized dog breeds in the U.S.

Marginalized for the negative stereotypes assigned to their breed, individual dogs are left to suffer. Take Fifty the Pit Bull, for example. Fifty was rescued by a loving family in Chicago when he was a small pup. He was known for being a sweet and happy dog, but in 2007 something terrible happened.

Sweet Fifty lost two of his legs after being shot by a police officer for rooting around in someone’s trash. The person who shot Fifty thought he was dangerous just because of his breed.


Fifty’s family couldn’t afford the expensive treatment he needed after suffering economic hardship, so they had no choice but to leave him in a shelter in Chicago. Unfortunately, it had a staggeringly high kill rate. Fifty was able to avoid euthanasia after Doberman Rescue Plus heard of his story and took him into their care.


After bouncing around a few foster homes, a Pit Bull lover named Kelly Michael adopted him. The two bonded practically overnight, and Fifty’s doing great in her care! 


Kelly is just the type of guardian that Fifty needs. She has experience working as a holistic and integrative medicine vet, so she was perfectly suited to help Fifty overcome his injuries. Here he is getting water exercise sessions to help manage his injuries.


She even helped Fifty get a prosthetic back leg, so he can run around again!


Fifty has quite the appetite for treats and other goodies. Kelly is sure to keep him well supplied. Yum, doggie doughnuts!


Fifty is kind and especially gentle. Look at him giving smooches to this much tiny dog!


This handsome fellow also travels with Michael to educate people about Pit Bull stereotypes and myths, advocating for the breed.


Kelly says that she knew Fifty was her soul mate from the moment they met. After seeing this picture, who would disagree?


 Fifty’s story inspired Michael to fight until everyone loves and respects Pit Bulls as much as she does. With the help of smiling, wonderful Fifty, we are sure that they’ll be able to change many, many minds and hearts.



Fifty’s story may have started tragically, but we can rest easy in the knowledge that he’s found a loving guardian that will give him everything he could ever want. We can all play our part to help other Pit Bulls like Fifty by dispelling myths about these dogs whenever possible. Sharing this post is a great place to start! The more people who get to know the dogs rather than the stereotypes, the better!

To keep up with Fifty and his awesome mom, follow them on Facebook, here.

All image source: Fifty the 2-Legged Pit Bull/Facebook

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49 comments on “This Harmless Pit Bull Was Shot Twice, But Now He Helps Educate Others About Breed Stereotypes”

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Johnson Harry
2 Years Ago

GMAFB! Shot for going through trash because he was hungry and not for attacking but for simply being a Pit Bull. That's the reason the officer gave for shooting him twice, because Pit Bulls can be dangerous.

Heather Fawn
2 Years Ago

No dog deserves to be hurt, but the pit bull stereotype is around for a reason. Pit bulls were bred to be vicious. It's not a secret and it's not a myth. Why do people still not accept this?

07 Aug 2016

The people who refuse to accept your bs are people who choose to educate themselves about pit bulls (cross breeds of terriers and bull dogs, so let\'s ban those too, huh?)... and who refuse to bow down to the ignorant hysteria (people like you).

Mirella Matt
2 Years Ago

What an incredible story.

Derk Brachmann
2 Years Ago

No one shot the cop? That's a shame.

Gail R. Karabell
2 Years Ago

What a beautiful story! Glad he's in good hands.

Lori Elson Scott
2 Years Ago

I'd like to know all the details of the story before bashing the officer. Truly sad for the dog though.

Pat Frederickson
2 Years Ago

Fifty the 2-legged pit bull!

Stacie E Wilson
2 Years Ago

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Olga Zhuravleva
2 Years Ago

He has a look of my pit bull Bella the sweetest dog ever

Wanakee Hill
2 Years Ago



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