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The relationship between humans and animals is special because it is based on trust. We trust that our animals won’t hurt us with their teeth and claws and in exchange, they trust us with their lives. That is one of the things that makes animal abuse such a terrible crime; the violation of an animals trust. So when neighbors spotted a man mercilessly beating a dog with a brick and choking it on the porch of a home in Cleveland, Ohio, they jumped into action.

By the time Officer Brandon Melbar arrived, one of them had managed to intervene, pulling the poor bloody dog off of the porch and away from the violent attacker. The dog, a blue pit bull terrier, had injuries to his face, legs and paw. He seemed so overjoyed to see his rescuers that he jumped into Melbar’s squad car when it pulled up in front of the scene! The police arrested the man on animal cruelty charges, which is now a felony in all fifty states and took the dog to VCA Great Lakes Vet Specialists where he was lucky enough to get Badges for Bullies to pay for his treatment.

Here’s the innocent pit bull getting some much-needed rest after the vets attended to him

Here he is before and after his recovery 


For the past thirty years, the American Pit Bull terrier has been an unfortunate victim of stereotypes and misconceptions. Because of this, it can be difficult to keep pitties and some heartless cities have even banned them, resulting in the deaths of millions of loyal family dogs each year. Over 80 percent of dogs euthanized in shelters are pit bulls and other bully breeds. Luckily, for this little fella, Officer Melbar has a heart of gold and decided to adopt his new canine companion, naming him Harvard. It is so nice to hear a bully story with a happy ending, proving that there are still lots of caring people in the world.

Harvard and Officer Melbar, his kind new guardian!