As animal lovers, there is really nothing that we wouldn’t do to help our beloved pets through a tough time. Whether they’re suffering because of an injury or are just beginning to feel their age, we are willing to do whatever it takes to ensure that our four-legged best friends are taken care of.

When YouTube user KRONC27’s Husky, Kane, lost all the ability to move his back legs due to old age, this kind individual went the extra mile to help his pup. Poor Kane was too old to endure surgery to help relieve the pain in his spine and legs, so KRON27 decided to try water therapy.


Floating in the pool takes all the pressure off of Kane’s joints and gives him a few moments where he is completely pain-free. Thanks to this dedicated pet parent, Kane’s condition has improved and this sweet senior is up and walking again.

While KRONC27 may not have much more time with his BFF, he is committed to making it the best time possible. Now that’s a true animal lover!