Sue is now a happy, thriving little Staffordshire Bull Terrier/Boston Terrier mix; however, before she was rescued, the same could not be said for this little pup. Sue was discovered in a high-kill shelter with a bad case of pneumonia. Under these circumstances it would be unlikely that Sue could get adopted in time to save her from this facility.

Thankfully, Coastal German Shepherd Rescue stepped in. Although Sue is not a German Shepherd, the rescue team sprung into action regardless. In the video description, Iunderscore o, explains, “[Coastal German Shepherd Rescue was] asked to help and, shepherd or not, we knew this girl didn’t have much time and quickly said, ‘yes.’ Sue was rescued and immediately taken to the vet.”


After spending several weeks in the hospital recovering from pneumonia, Sue is well, back in action, and looking for a forever home. For more information, check out the Coastal German Shepherd Rescue website, here.