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Chanterelle mushrooms are fleshy, firm, and smell a bit like peppery apricots. They last much longer than other mushrooms in the fridge and are absolutely delicious in this recipe! Mushrooms sauces are conventionally made with butter, cream and/or white flour, making it a very high-fat food. This Chanterelle mushroom gravy is so delicious and creamy, yet oil-free and even gluten-free! You won’t need to compromise with taste or texture. And last but not least, this gravy is also Candida diet-friendly! This hits all the marks.

Glowing Turmeric Chanterelle Gravy [Vegan, Grain-Free]

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What Ingredients Do You Need To Make Glowing Turmeric Chanterelle Gravy [Vegan, Grain-Free]

  • 3 cups Chanterelle mushrooms
  • 2 tablespoons onion flakes
  • 1 teaspoon granulated garlic
  • 1 teaspoon turmeric
  • 1 tablespoon tapioca flour plus 1/3 cup non-dairy milk (see Notes)
  • 1 cup of non-dairy milk (see tips)
  • Himalayan salt and black pepper to taste

How To Make Glowing Turmeric Chanterelle Gravy [Vegan, Grain-Free]

  1. First, clean your Chanterelle mushrooms.
  2. Next, take a small pot or saucepan and add cleaned Chanterelles, onion flakes, garlic and 2 tablespoons of water. Sauté covered for 5 minutes mixing a few times making sure the onion and garlic absorb water.
  3. When the 5 minutes is up, add 1 teaspoon of turmeric, mix well, and sauté for another 5 minutes.
  4. Meanwhile, in a small bowl or cup, whisk together 1 tablespoon of tapioca flour and 1/3 cup of non-dairy milk. Make sure the mixture is smooth with no lumps.
  5. Pour 1 cup of non-dairy milk onto your chanterelles and mix well.
  6. Finally, when the gravy almost starts to boil again, whisk in the tapioca/milk mixture stirring vigorously. Keep on stirring until the gravy starts to boil. Then, turn off the heat and leave it to cool without lid allowing it to thicken further.


Instead of dried onion and garlic, you can also use fresh. Just take a small onion and a few garlic cloves, dice them up and sauté as per instructions above. Except, use only 1 tablespoon of water (or even less). As far as non-dairy milks go, I used 1/3 cup oat milk and 1 cup of unsweetened almond milk. Now, the milks you use determine the sweetness of your chanterelle gravy. Consequently, if you use only oat or rice milk, you’d get a rather sweet gravy with higher GL. This is why I prefer the combo of almond and oat. Almond milk is leaner and has lower GL compared to soymilk whereas oat milk gives just the right amount of sweetness. Tapioca flour can be easily substituted with potato or corn-starch (1:1). Furthermore, you could even use rice or buckwheat flour. Finally, should you have any leftovers, store it in a sealed container in fridge for 3-4 days.

Save Trees. Print Less. But if you must, we charge $2.99 to encourage less waste

Nutritional Information

Total Calories: 240 | Total Carbs: 30 g | Total Fats: 5.82 g | Total Protein: 7.26 g Total Fiber: 9.7 g

Note: The information shown is based on available ingredients and preparation. It should not be considered a substitute for a professional nutritionist’s advice.


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