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YouTube has become a revolutionary platform for fostering online communities, particularly when it comes to diet and lifestyle. As more people become interested in plant-based lifestyles, the vegan YouTube community flourishes, making getting informed and inspired to cook up tasty vegan meals easier than ever. While it’s easy to get lost browsing through the thousands of vegan recipes via the Food Moster App, vegan cooking channels allow us to connect a little with a personality and see how the food we want to make looks before we actually make it. With some recipes, like making vegan sushi rolls, having that visualization matters.

Below are 10 YouTubers that will inspire you to get creative in the kitchen and thrive on wholesome, vegan foods.

1. Hot For Food  

The brain behind Hot For Food is Lauren Toyota; a Toronto-based television personality turned vegan chef extraordinaire. With tutorial-style videos and recipe competition videos, Hot For Food makes cooking impressive vegan dishes approachable and fun. “RECIPE?!” videos show Lauren creating delicious meals from the odds and ends in her fridge, which is a great way to learn how to create tasty meals with seemingly random ingredients. Both healthy and indulgent meal options are featured, making Hot For Food a fantastic, entertaining channel to encourage creativity in your kitchen.

2. Sweet Potato Soul

Jenné Claiborne from Sweet Potato Soul offers more than quality vegan cuisine to her audience. The combination of her serene personality and her passion for healthy, soulful food is contagious. Jenné’s experience as a professional chef and health coach makes her videos a great learning tool to navigate cooking healthy meals that taste decadent. For delicious recipes with a southern twist, “What I Eat in a Day” vlogs, and occasional lifestyle videos, look no further than Sweet Potato Soul.

3. The Edgy Veg

Candice from The Edgy Veg lets her quirky and outgoing personality shine in her videos, but the food creations she shares are serious business. Recipes and taste tests dominate The Edgy Veg’s video content. Whether you’re looking for entertaining videos that help you make plant-based versions of popular foods or create vegan masterpieces, The Edgy Veg has a little something for everybody. The fun and laid-back style of The Edgy Veg’s videos will encourage you to have fun experimenting in the kitchen while cooking up some wonderfully satisfying meals.

4. Avant Garde Vegan

If you’re looking to add an element of sophistication to your dishes, Gaz Oakley from Avant Garde Vegan can show you the ropes. Avant Garde Vegan brings years of professional chef experience and expertise to your screen as Gaz crafts up-scale, vegan dishes. For dinner parties or days when you’re craving a more refined meal, mouthwatering recipes like vegan katsu curry, peri peri skewers, or squash risotto with eggplant bacon and crispy sage are sure to please.

5. Rawvana

The vibrant and youthful Yovana radiates positivity while sharing vegan meals on her channel, Rawvana. Rawvana originally concentrated on raw vegan recipes and lifestyle videos, but in recent years, has seen the integration of cooked vegan meals. Rawvana has a diverse audience, with viewers who appreciate a variety of raw and cooked vegan meal videos presented in English and Spanish. Yovana’s welcoming presence and excitement for trying new things makes her personality as colorful as the meals she shares on YouTube. There is a reason that Rawvana is well known in the online, vegan community!

6. Maddie Lymburner

With a channel that features plenty of ‘What I Eat in a Day’ vlogs, recipe videos, workout routines, and tips for healthy living, it is no surprise that Maddie Lymburner has gained popularity on YouTube. Maddie has spent the past few years traveling the world, experiencing new places and cultures, and documenting delicious vegan meals along the way. Her videos are beautifully filmed, easy to follow, and informative. If you’re in need of ways to spice up oatmeal, whip up picturesque smoothies, or make nourishing, delectable meals, Maddie Lymburner has you covered.

7. The Happy Pear

Looking for delicious and convenient vegan meal ideas? Dave and Steve from The Happy Pear are here to help. The Ireland-based duo produces energetic tutorials on everything from 5-minute dinners to one-pot wonders. The Happy Pear features dishes that are influenced by a wide variety of cultures and taste preferences, so there truly is something for everyone on this channel.

8. Cheap Lazy Vegan

Cheap Lazy Vegan’s channel name says it all. If you are a student or just a busy person on a budget, the quick and economical recipes that make up Cheap Lazy Vegan are a must-watch. Rose, the lovely lady behind Cheap Lazy Vegan, specializes her channel in meal prepping and adding a touch of Korean flare to her dishes. Being inspired to make a home-cooked meal is easy when you know the end result is convenient, budget-friendly, and flavorful.

9. Ellen Fisher

Fine sand, lush vegetation, pristine water, and simply beautiful fruits and vegetables are abundant in the videos of this Hawaiian YouTuber. Ellen Fisher’s channel features videos on everything from conscious living and minimalism to raising vegan children. However, a robust and wholesome diet is the foundation to all of her videos. The recipes Ellen shares are largely focused on using in-season, whole foods, which makes intuitively eating simple meals desirable. If the gorgeous scenery of Ellen’s videos doesn’t immediately get you hooked on her channel, the inspiration to make satiating meals will!

10. Kate Fruit Flowers and Mae Flowers

Kate and Mae, from the channels Kate Fruit Flowers and Mae Flowers respectively, are partners sharing their journey to reach their full health potential. If you are a fan of raw desserts, smoothies, hearty salads, or aesthetically pleasing meals in general, you need to check out Kate Fruit Flowers and Mae Flowers. Kate, a ballerina, exemplifies thriving on a raw vegan diet as an athlete. Meanwhile, Mae focuses her channel on health tips and reviewing her experiences with various different nutritional lifestyles. Both channels keep nutritious food and self-love at the forefront of their content through recipe videos, “What I Eat in a Day” vlogs, and topic-specific videos that inspire a lifestyle with an abundance of plant-based foods.

Of the YouTubers mentioned above, who is your favorite to turn to when you need some inspiration to cook? The ten channels included in this article are a great starting point for exploring the diverse community of vegan YouTubers out there! For more tips for novice vegan chefs, be sure to check out 5 Top Secret Cooking Tips for Anyone Wanting to Eat Vegan and 10 Ridiculously Easy Tips on How to Live on Whole Plant-Based Foods.

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