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In today’s modern age of fast-pace everything, we tend to lose sight of what really matters — like quality, nutritious food, for instance. We aim for the convenient and least nutritious over the more healthier, wholesome (but longer to prepare) foods. Let’s take oatmeal for example: there’s the instant versus the slow-cooked oatmeal. The former is laden with sugar, salt, and other unnatural additives, while the latter is a bit longer to prepare, but contains little to no sodium or sugar (unless you decide to add them, of course) and has a myriad of benefits for you in the long run.

Translate that insight into other areas of a supermarket, such as the freezer aisle, and you’ve got yourself a unhealthy crisis. And, since we’ve learned that big food industries aren’t looking out for our best interests, it’s about time we say bye-bye to these processed food giants and make our own foods at home. Here are some Easy Tips to Minimize Your Consumption of Processed Foods.

But, it will require time — lots of time that I don’t have, you might say. Nope! That’s only if you want to, of course, but home-cooking does not have to take hours away from your day. It’s all about planning. Know what you want to buy the week or weekend beforehand; designate a day of each week to plan what you want to have for the next. Your next step should be to go to market and bring a shopping list for ingredients you might not have for your upcoming recipes. It should be easy from here. Here are 5 Secrets For Making Quick and Healthy Vegan Meals at Home. Just choose a recipe and get cracking! Here are 10 recipes made under 10 minutes or less to get your creative juices flowing:

1. Hummus Collard Wrapshummus collard wraps

These Hummus Collard Wraps are light, refreshing and make an excellent packed lunch. The crisp collard greens are filled with hummus, crunchy carrots, juicy celery, tomatoes, and pickles. They are easy to make, travel well and can be made the night before you head out on your adventure.

2. Rich Soba SoupRich Soba Soup

Get you some of this Rich Soba Soup! It’s a hearty, healthy vegan meal that’s rich in nutrients and can be made in 10 minutes! You can use broccoli, tofu, and carrots like in the recipe or go for your favorite seasonal veggies!

3. Chik’n Salad With Cranberries and Pistachioschicken-salad_ogp2

Who doesn’t love a big, delicious sandwich full of plant-based proteins? We all do, especially when that sandwich is packed full of crisp apples, chewy cranberries and crunchy pistachios like this Chick’n Salad! Serve it on bread, wrapped in a tortilla, even served on crackers! As the weather continues to warm, spring becomes summer, and you’re looking for lighter fare, you might even want to try it in lettuce cups. The possibilities are endless!

4. Raw Creamy Mushroom Soup With Avocado and MisoRaw-Creamy-Mushroom-Soup

This Raw Creamy Mushroom Soup With Avocado and Miso will be your new favorite. Mushrooms are delicious on their own, the the addition of avocado sends it over the edge. And can we talk about delicious, umami miso? This recipe uses Shiitake and Portobello, but you can use your favorite kind of mushroom. All you have to do is rub them with tamari and a bit of olive oil, then leave them in the dehydrator or on the counter while you make the soup. It brings out their rich flavors and softens them.

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10-Minute Seitan “Beef” and Broccoli

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5. Strawberry Mousse Strawberry-Mousse

This Strawberry Mousse contains only 3 plant-based ingredients, so it’s super duper simple to make and can be whipped up in under ten minutes. Maybe five, depending on your strawberry-slicing skills. You’d never be able to tell there is tofu in this mousse. The agave and strawberries do a good job of masking the soy-like flavor of the tofu, but the texture of the mousse is blissfully perfect: smooth, soft, and unbelievably light, which makes this a great alternative to chocolate mousse if you find that too heavy on the stomach.


6. Healthy Cocoa Puff and Kamut Crispies Cocoa-Rice-Krispies-1200x800

These Healthy Cocoa Puff and Kamut Crispies are a healthy, vegan take on a classic snack: Rice Krispies Treats. This version takes your taste buds above and beyond with vegan marshmallow creme and vegan chocolate chips, mixed with an unlikely combo of chia and hemp seeds.

7. Raw Peppermint Slice With Chocolate GanacheRaw-Peppermint-Slice-with-Choc-Ganache

What’s there not to love about chocolate and peppermint together? The sweet creaminess of the chocolate… The freshness of the mint… Well, these Raw Peppermint Slices With Chocolate Ganache packages that amazing pairing in an incredibly simple, healthy, and delicious flavor power couple. A power couple that could be ready for the party in a blink of an eye. Just ten minutes, ten ingredients, and they’re all yours. Just be warned – they’re devastatingly delicious and ripe for disappearing from the dessert table in a matter of minutes.

8. Crunchy Raw Protein Bars protein

These easy Crunchy Raw Protein Balls will probably make it to top three favorite recipes because it is simple to make and has so much nutrition packed into each tiny little chocolate ball. There are so many different possibilities with these little gems. They are great to have plain if you are going to snack on them during the day. But make sure you take the time to actually make them into the little balls and not eat it right out of the bowl. You could also dress them up for the holidays or a special occasion just by rolling them in a variety of different toppings – sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, carob powder, cacao nibs, chia seeds, coconut flakes, and on and on. Be creative! But most of all, enjoy them!

9. Raw Cocoa Bonbonsraw_choco_hearts


Five ingredients, five minutes of your time, and silicone ice moulds is all you need to make these Raw Cocoa Bonbons. That’s right — five minutes to make fancy chocolatier-worthy treats!

10. Raw Banana Ice Cream SundaeRaw-Banana-Ice-Cream-Sundae

Doesn’t this Raw Banana Ice Cream Sundae make your mouth water? Best part of this recipe is that it’s incomparably healthier than the average breakfast. It’s basically just bananas and a bunch of superfoods like coconut oil, almonds, cacao powder, and mulberries. You can add whatever else you like.

Need more ideas? Just check out our vegan quick meals page for recipes done in 30 minutes or less!

Lead image source: Raw Creamy Mushroom Soup With Avocado and Miso

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