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Mayonnaise: The creamy, tangy flavor that can feel just as much at home on a burger as on a pretzel, pizza, or sushi!

If you adhere to a plant-based diet, there’s no shortage of options for you to try. For your convenience, we’re arranged plenty of plant-based mayonnaise options you can order and enjoy!

1.  Chosen Foods Vegan Mayo 


Chosen Foods Vegan Mayo is made with avocado oil and aquafaba, the naturally viscous water leftover from soaking garbanzo beans. $14.89.

One user says: “I just recently became aware of my food sensitivities and needed to find mayo that was gluten free, dairy free, egg free & soy free….this was the only one I could find! This doesn’t taste like plain mayo it tastes more like mayo with a little tang to it. It’s really good especially considering it’s healthy for you and doesn’t have all the allergens listed above. I will buy again! It’s a life saver for someone with food sensitivities!”

2. Holi Aioli Holi Truffle Sandwich Spread

Source: Holi Aioli Holi Truffle Sandwich Spread

Holi Aioli Holi Truffle Sandwich Spread is non-GMO, made from Truffles. $12.99

Katie says: “This stuff is so yummy!!! It adds so much flavor and you can literally put it on everything! I’ve put it on salads, roasted cauliflower and avocado toast! I can’t wait to try more flavors. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!”

3. Follow Your Heart Original Veganaise 

Source: Follow Your Original Veganaise

Follow Your Heart Original Veganaise is free of preservatives or sweeteners. $5.99 

Kamilah says: “This Vegan “mayonnaise” was such a great buy and the taste is so delicious and in my opinion much better than the non Vegan mayonnaise I use to consume before going Vegan. So whether you’re buying this product for ethical reasons or for certain dietary restrictions, I would totally recommend this product! P.S. The price on Amazon Fresh actually beats the price at my local grocery store!”

4. Just Chipotle Mayo

Source: Just Chipotle Mayo

Just Chipotle Mayo is non-GMO. $2.98

Dianna Hendrickson says: “It’s not always easy being vegan, but it is especially challenging living four hours away from the nearest health food store. I was flabbergasted when I came across a jar of Hampton Creek mayo at Walmart a few months ago- I seriously couldn’t believe our good luck. I’m pretty sure we are the only vegans out here in oil/cattle/dairy country, and I usually make our condiments (ketchup, mayo, vegan butter, etc.) in the Vitamix, so when I actually found something we could eat at Walmart I nearly made a spectacle of myself loading up. When I got the jar of Hampton Creek mayo home I was absolutely delighted with it, and when I saw the Chipotle flavored mayo here on Amazon I was tickled pink. One click of the mouse and two days later we are enjoying wraps and sandwiches with this delicious mayo. This is a nice mayo- not too spicy- and is beautiful in wraps and on sandwiches. Five stars for an excellent product.”

5. Just Mayo Pack of Two

Just Mayo Pack of Two is kosher and non-GMO, $14.63

One user says: “This stuff is amazing! I have been searching for a vegan mayonnaise alternative and decided to give this a try. It tastes, smells, and has the same texture as ordinary mayonnaise… excepts it’s eve more delicious! My super picky five year old even loved this product.”

6. Best Foods Vegan Mayo 

Source: Best Foods Vegan Mayo 

Best Foods Vegan Mayo is non-GMO and cholesterol-free. $12.99.

Scott says: “This tastes delicious – I love mayo but became a vegan and couldn’t eat it anymore – highly recommend – I’ve tried several brands and this is by far the best”

7. Sir Kensington’s Fabanaise 

M7 1
Source: Sir Kensington’s Fabanaise

Sir Kensington’s Fabanaise is free of canola oil. $5.85

One user says: “I loooooove this. After a recently discovered egg allergy I was looking for a replacement for mayonnaise. I tried a couple of other vegan varieties but this is by far the best tasting and also one of the only ones that don’t also contain canola oil.”

8. Primal Kitchen Egg-Free Mayo

Source: Primal Kitchen Egg-Free Mayo

Primal Kitchen Egg-Free Mayo is made from beets and avocado. Non-GMO. $23.99

One user says: “This mayo leans way more towards Miracle Whip than it does Hellmans/Best Food. My personal preference is for a more Hellman’s like mayo. That said, this stuff is great for certain things. It makes a killer turkey and whole wheat sandwich. It’s excellent with salmon. I don’t think it tastes of either chipotle or lime, but it still tastes great. I think it would be awful in a tuna or egg or potato salad. It’s very, very thick, and a little goes a long way, so while it may be more expensive than plain old Hellman’s, it’ll probably last longer. Regarding pricing – you can find it for as low as $6 a jar and much as $20, so shop carefully.”

9. Mr. Organic Free From Mayo

M9 1
Source: Mr. Organic Free From Mayo

Mr. Organic Free From Mayo is certified organic, derived from sunflower oil. $12.39.

One user cautions, “Very very tiny jar. Very expensive for the amount you get”

10. Follow Your Heart Reduced Fat Veganaise 

M10 1
Source: Follow Your Heart Reduced Fat Veganaise

Follow Your Heart Reduced Fat Veganaise is non-GMO and reduced fat. $53.21 for a pack of 6.

One user says: “Manufacturers of other such products should take a lesson from these providers: This is a vegan’s dream: it tastes like the real thing. For those, like me, who love the mayo taste, this is for you.”

11. Earth Balance Mindful Mayo 

Source: Earth Balance Mindful Mayo

Earth Balance Mindful Mayo is non-GMO and made from canola oil.

One user says: “I can’t believe its vegan! taste the same like real thing”

12. Spectrum Naturals Light Canola Mayo

Source: Spectrum Naturals Light Canola Mayo

Spectrum Naturals Light Canola Mayo is made from canola oil.

One user says: “Im allergic to eggs and wanted to find a mayo that I could eat that wouldn’t effect my stomach and this appears to work. Really don’t miss the egg taste will order again from this seller – price was right – highly recommend seller”

13. Chosen Food Travel Avacado Oil Vegan Mayo 

M13 1
Source: Chosen Food Travel Avacado Oil Vegan Mayo

Chosen Food Travel Avacado Oil Vegan Mayo is free of canola and soy. $39.99 for a 50 count pack.

Alex Says: “Amazing! It is so nice to have an easy way to take vegan mayo with me on the go now. I don’t notice any difference in taste compared to Trader Joe’s vegan mayo.”

14. Earth Balance Mindful Mayo With Olive Oil 

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Source: Earth Balance Mindful Mayo With Olive Oil 

Earth Balance Mindful Mayo With Olive Oil is made with olive oil is soy free and non-GMO.

One user says: “This was my first time buying this product as I am bringing a new diet to my family. Good quality and good size for the price.

The taste was… Different. More creamy and smooth than regular mayo. When I make sandwiches with the “not so healthy” mayo, Ill lick the spoon. I tried it once with Earth Balance, and had to be mindful as to NOT do that again. It wasn’t gross, my palette just has unhealthy yearnings(fat and eggs) during this transition. No noticeable difference on a sandwich. 😊👊”

15. Holy Aioli Variety Pack 

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Source: Holy Aioli Variety Pack 

Holy Aioli Variety Pack contains Holi Habanero, Holi Truffle, Lemon Basil and Roasted Garlic. 34.99

One user says: “Love this vegan spread! Been using it on my veggie burgers and it’s also super delicious with potatoes! Texture is nice as well. So happy I found this vegan aioli!”


Make Your Own! 

Of course, you can make your own mayonnaise from the comfort of your own home!

1. Fava Bean Mayonnaise 

Mayo 2
Source: Fava Bean Mayonnaise

Fava Bean Mayonnaise by Lenia Patsi is made from a surprising ingredient: fava beans! With simple seasonings and great flavor, throw a batch of this in your fridge for a spread to put on any sandwich that needs a little extra topping, or for any other mayonnaise needs!

2. Crab Cakes With Sweet Balsamic Mayo

Crab Cakes With Sweet Balsamic Mayo
Source: Crab Cakes With Sweet Balsamic Mayo

Crab Cakes With Sweet Balsamic Mayo by Molly Patrick are easy to whip up and taste very similar to traditional crab cakes. As they cook, your house will even smell a little like the seaside, thanks to the addition of dulse flakes. Serve with the sweet balsamic mayo on a toasted bun with a squeeze of lemon juice or try it on a salad.

3. Pumpkin Rösti With Mushroom Mayo

Graeskar Rocc88sti Med Svampemayo 007
Source: Pumpkin Rösti With Mushroom Mayo

Pumpkin Rösti With Mushroom Mayo by Maria Engbjerg is the perfect accompaniment to your salad and an excellent burger replacement. Rösti is a Swiss potato fritter; however this vegan version is made from pumpkin and butternut squash! The umami-packed mushroom vegan mayo is the ideal spread for this savory patty.

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