Apple pie isn’t only exclusive to cool weather and burnt orange leaves covering the ground. Apple pie is good at any time of the day, after any activity, and more times than not, it always tastes delicious. In honor of our love for all things apple pie, here is a list of all our favorites from our Food Monster App.

1. 11 Cinnamon-y Sweet Plant-Based Apple Pie-Inspired Recipes

The Perfect Apple Pie

Source: The Perfect Apple Pie 

Is there a more iconic seasonal dessert than apple pie? No one can deny the nostalgic joy that a buttery, flaky crust topped with a caramel-y apple and cinnamon filling will bring. Before fall officially comes to a close and the apple trees run bare, make sure you pay homage to this classic dessert! If pie making isn’t your thing, there are still ways you can channel the textures and flavors of the sweet, spicy treat in your other desserts. Look to 11 Cinnamon-y Sweet Plant-Based Apple Pie-Inspired Recipes!

2. 10 Vegan Takes on Apple Pie That Will Change Your Life

Apple Cream Cheese Galette

Source: Apple Cream Cheese Galette 

Still, apple pie is a favorite dessert in the United States and has become a symbol of all that is good, homey, and patriotic. We celebrate National Apple Pie Day twice a year, once in May and again in December. Here are 10 Vegan Takes on Apple Pie That Will Change Your Life!

3. 31 Awesome Apple Recipes This Will Make You Feel Warm and Cozy

Salted Caramel Apple Galette

Source: Salted Caramel Apple Galette

You know the saying, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Well, apples are indeed healthy for us. Apples are full of antioxidants and have been shown to prevent cancer and promote heart health. So why not include it in a pie? Read 31 Awesome Apple Recipes This Will Make You Feel Warm and Cozy for all the recipes you’ve always wanted.

4. Apple Pie Redefined: 6 Cool New Ways to Enjoy This Fall Favorite

Apple Pie Swirl Multigrain Bread Loaf

Source: Apple Pie Swirl Multigrain Bread

There are plenty of unique variations when it comes to apple pies, so read Apple Pie Redefined: 6 Cool New Ways to Enjoy This Fall Favorite to see how you can put a twist on yours.

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