When it comes to hot dogs, the New York-style is a no-frills, classic, down-to-business approach. Some styles might pile on the veggies and get a little creative, but the New York dog is made to take on the go and eat quickly. Though this street food is not healthy by any measure, even vegans occasionally indulge. But we’d love to see that not happen, Green Monsters! Even the occasional hot dog can hurt your health, and it certainly isn’t doing any favors for the animals or our Earth. So, to satisfy that classic, grilled hot dog craving, try making a tasty, meatless version of this snack. Here are the steps to making a delicious vegan New York-style hot dog:

Grab a vegan frank

Though it’s worth noting that processed, mock-meat products are not the healthiest protein choice on a vegan diet, they make for some delicious junk food. For non-meat eaters, these products are convenient and offer a taste and texture that many of us remember once upon a time before we gave up meat. You can find vegan hot dog products at most grocery stores. Try Lightlife Smart Dogs, Soyboy Vegetarian Franks, Field Roast Frankfurters, and Tofurky Hot Dogs. If you want to make your own veggie dog instead, try this homemade spicy Italian sausage or this regular Italian sausage recipe. Going vegan with your hot dog will save your health and will taste just as delicious!

Throw it on the grill

New York-style hot dogs are grilled (you can, of course, get boiled hot dogs for cheap from a street cart, but New Yorkers know you would never, ever want to). So, go for the gold and grill up that veggie dog. One awesome thing about the vegan version is that you won’t have to worry about under-cooking the meat!

Put the grilled veggie dog on a healthier bun

The classic New York-style calls for a standard white bun. Go a bit healthier and use a whole-wheat bun instead for your vegan hot dog. This will save you from processed grains and will taste just as delicious!

Add your toppings

A New York-style hot dog can be bought easily, eaten quickly, and taken on the go. So, it’s no-frills as far as toppings are concerned. Use onions, relish, sauerkraut, and brown mustard to stay authentic. Tomato paste is often added too — you could also stick with ketchup for a sweeter taste. The biggest tip here is to keep it simple — many New York vendors simply go with brown mustard and some chopped onions. At least you don’t have to worry about veganizing these toppings — but do, if possible, opt for organic options to keep your hot dog indulgence the cleanest and healthiest!

There you have it – even vegans can have the taste of that all-American, classic, simple New York-style hot dog with these quick and easy steps.

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