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The Harry Potter movies may have wrapped up years ago, but its cast is still spreading magic everywhere they go.

Evanna Lynch, who is perhaps most publicly well known for playing the role of Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter movie franchise, is debuting a vegan podcast this October called “The Chickpeeps“, which will feature an array of Lynch’s close friends. Their collective goal is to inform everyone about vegan living and hopefully inspire others to make a change to a plant-based diet. There is potential for the podcast to become a weekly series.

Lynch told Veg News that while she was vegetarian for a long time, she had a misconception that vegan living was radical and extreme. However, her mindset evolved.

Untitled 49Evanna Lynch/Facebook

“I was vegetarian and would speak about the ethics of it, and then I realized the inconsistencies of it because people were asking, ‘Why aren’t you vegan?'” Lynch told Veg News. “I think there was a lot of pressure just to know everything, and I felt really overwhelmed.”

Now, however, Lynch is inspired to continue learning and wants to use the podcast as a platform to foster conversations about vegan life.

Make Accessible Vegan Food at Home

For many people, the idea of giving up their favorite traditional baked goods and entrées is an overwhelming notion; however, there are many useful guides, tips, and recipes out there that strive to demonstrate just how easy eating plant-based can be. You don’t have to totally overhaul your life. We’ve put together some recipes and resources from the Food Monster App to help you out.

First, learn how to make ingredients you might view as basic taste extraordinary by reading this The Ultimate Guide to Roasting Veggies and How to Make 7 Delicious Roasted Veggie Dishes for Fall. It’ll change the way you begin composing your dishes and make you excited about getting veggies on the plate.

Next, get some depth of flavor and comfort into your day-to-day by whipping up some soup!

This Thai Carrot Soup by Clémence Moulaert is perfect for the changing autumn weather and is dynamic in flavor.Thai Carrot Soup.jpg?zoom=0

This is a comforting soup that can warm you in the harshest of winters. It has a vibrant pop of orange to brighten your day!

For creamy soups, try this Vegan Cream of Mushroom Soup by Jennifer Strohmeyer.Vegan Cream Of Mushroom Soup.jpg?zoom=0

This soup is great on its own, or with a half sandwich or a salad. You can add more vegetables to this soup or add some beans. It’s also a great base for a hearty casserole.

Lastly, rely on pasta at first. It’s familiar and easy. Check out Pasta: How to Avoid 8 Common Cooking Mistakes for all the tips and tricks. Then whip up a fast dish of Pasta with Vegan Bolognese Sauce.

Finally, give this gluten-free Pasta Puttanesca by Vaishali Honawar a go. It’s cozy and a crowd-pleaser.Pasta Puttanesca.jpg?zoom=0

Pasta Puttanesca without anchovies is pretty much pasta in just another tomato sauce because let’s face it: the anchovies give the sauce that rich saltiness and that sea-like flavor that defines this dish. Here’s the perfect solution for the anchovy dilemma — a combination of seaweed and tamari. The seaweed adds the oceany flavor that’s so integral to Pasta Puttanesca, and the tamari adds that equally important deep, salty richness.

We highly recommend downloading our Food Monster App, which is available for both Android and iPhone, and can also be found on Instagram and Facebook. The app has more than 8,000 plant-based, allergy-friendly recipes, and subscribers gain access to ten new recipes per day. Check it out!

Lead image source: Evanna Lynch/Facebook

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