A gang involving six people has been arrested after stealing horses and selling the horse meat to restaurants disguised as beef. 

The gang members were arrested for selling horse meat in southern Brazil to up to 60% of the local restaurants in the area. They sold more than 1,763 pounds every week to restaurants looking to purchase fresh beef.

The restaurants unknowingly served the horse meat to their customers in the form of hamburgers and other beef dishes. Inspectors concluded that other types of meat were mixed into the horse meat as well. The mixed-in meats were often spoiled, putting everyone who ate the horse meat at a great risk of becoming seriously ill.

The investigation started a few months prior after the meat tested positive for horse DNA.

People were horrified that they had been eating horse meat. Jews and Muslims were also shocked to find that many ‘beef’ products had also contained pig meat, a meat that is forbidden in their religions.

These criminals proved to be a serious health risk to the Brazilian public, and officials intend to prosecute them to the full force of the law.

While this shocked many consumers, this is not the first time that one kind of meat has been disguised as another. 

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