Vegan baking is all the rage in Britain. After the historic vegan episode of the Great British Bake-off, the BBC discovered the power of delicious plant-based baking.

Dirty Vegan is the latest culinary installment from the BBC. The show stars Matt Pritchard, a former stuntman who found fame on the show Dirty Sanchez. The first episode premiered Wednesday evening on BBC Whales, with a national release expected later.


The series follows Pritchard, who turned vegan in 2015, as he demonstrates to the people of Wales how to eat on a vegan diet. Pritchard will be showcasing his skills as a vegan chef by offering his plant-based creations to rugby stars, as well as bringing vegan cakes to a Women’s Institute.

“It differs a lot from Dirty Sanchez as you can imagine,” Pritchard told the BBC.

During his time on Dirty Sanchez, Pritchard made a name for himself by his wacky stunts and pranks. He’s not the most typical vegan, as he certainly seems to recognize.

“If someone had told me I would have had a vegan cookery show I would have laughed all the way to my grave.” He said “But life takes you in strange directions.”


The BBC isn’t just testing the waters with the show. The Network is planning to further capitalize on the vegan revolution currently underway in the country.

“We have a couple of projects on veganism in development, looking at its environmental impact as well as those who choose veganism for health reasons.” A spokesperson said.


Excited For Vegan Desserts?

If the BBC has inspired you to get in the kitchen and start baking, we have some decadent recipes from our Food Monster App that you should definitely try!

Cranberry Lemon Poundcake

Image Source: Cranberry Lemon Poundcake


This cranberry lemon poundcake by Gabrielle St. Claire is perfectly paired with a hot cup of tea. It is sweet, a little bit tart, and moist while utilizing vegan butter and an egg replacer!

Caramelized Banana S’mores Skillet

Image Source: Caramelized Banana S’mores Skillet

Who doesn’t want to dip graham crackers into a skillet of oozing chocolate, gooey vegan marshmellows, and caramelized bananas? Well, now you can with this recipe by Emma D’Alessandro.


Chocolate Coffee Cake

Image Source: Chocolate Coffee Cake

This chocolate coffee cake by Holly Jade is decadent, infused with subtle hints of bold coffee flavors, and dressed in a buttercream frosting with a chocolate drizzle. It is absolutely incredible!


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Lead Image: @DirtyVeganTV Twitter