In 2010, The Great British Bake Off charmed audiences with its delicious treats, artful chefs, and frequently hilarious baking mishaps.

In a world that loves watching Simon Cowell and Gordon Ramsay rip into tearey-eyed contestants, the show offered a gentler take on the reality TV contest, being encouraging and thoughtful even as contestant faced culinary disaster.


Last night, for the first time in the show’s eight-year history, the Great British Bake Off announced it’s first ever vegan week. 

In a teaser for the showNoel Fielding can be heard saying: “Next time, we’re throwing out the eggs and butter in our first ever vegan week.”

On October 9th, the show will forgo animal products altogether, showcasing the amazing baked goods that can be made free of animal products! That’s not to say the show will be free of drama. The trailer teased:

“With a tasty tartlet, a tricky technical, and a towering show stopper that will leave the bakers teetering on the brink of disaster.”


With over 3.5 million vegans in the UK, it makes sense the show is catering to a plant-based audience. Vegan eating has shown no signs of slowing down in Britain, with vegan startups popping up and celebrities endorsing plant-based diets, but this news comes as one of the bigger plant-based milestones in the country to date. For reference, last season’s finale had over 7.7 million watchers, more than double the amount of vegans in the country!

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Bring the Bake Off Home!

Or you could have a look at these amazing vegan recipes courtesy of theFood Monster App.

Deep-Dish Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Silk Tart

Source: Chocolate Peanut Butter Silk Tart

Travis Piper’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Silk Tart transforms silken tofu into a completely luxurious dessert. It is rich, creamy, and dangerously chocolaty.


Blackberry Lemon Lavender Cheezecake

Source: Blackberry Lemon Lavender Cheezecake

You don’t need cream cheese to make Melissa Layne’s rich Blackberry Lemon Lavender Cheezecake. All you need are cashews, dates, fresh fruit, a few handfuls of nuts, and some dried lavender, and you’ve got a gorgeous cheesecake.

Peach and Blueberry Galettes

Source: Peach and Blueberry Galettes

These Peach and Blueberry Galettes by Mitko Dzhordzhev are perfect for the summertime! They also require very few ingredients and can easily be made in advance.

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Image Source: Great British Bake Off Facebook