Amtrak has added a new vegan option for overnight riders in sleeping cars.

In addition to its previously available vegan options, Amtrak is adding a vegan wrap to its menu for sleeping car routes.

While Amtrak’s vegan options can vary depending on where you’re going or the length of your trip, the new menu item joins options including a Black Bean & Corn Veggie Burger, Pad Thai, Black Bean-Vegetable Enchiladas, Chinese Rice Noodles, Vegetable Lasagna, and snack of Sabra Hummus with Pretzel Crisps, according to The Green Plate.

“Vegan meals are available on the regular menu for Long Distance trains and do not require advance notice,” says Amtrak on its website.

The sleeping car route will also include a sliced seasonal fresh fruit plate, reports Travel Pulse.

“Our plan is to provide new and fresh food choices in a contemporary way for these overnight trains,” said Bob Dorsch, the vice president of Amtrak’s Long Distance Service Line, in a statement.

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