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Today is Raspberry Cake Day, and to celebrate the occasion, we’re bringing you a roundup of some of our best raspberry cakes throughout the years. The sweet and tart flavor of raspberries goes well with a variety of desserts, but they seem to shine on cakes. From crepe cakes to mousse cakes to cheesecakes, we’ve got you covered with some of the most amazing raspberry cakes you’ll ever try!

1. Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cake

Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cake

Source: Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cake

This decadent and rich Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cake by Taavi Moore is topped with creamy raspberry frosting and fresh blackberries.

2. Chocolate, Fig, and Raspberry Cake

Chocolate, Fig and Raspberry Cake

Source: Chocolate, Fig and Raspberry Cake

This easy and delicious Chocolate, Fig, and Raspberry Cake by Pamela Higgins combine figs and raspberries for extra sweetness and a fruit touch. A vegan-friendly bake using flaxseed in place of eggs, the texture is still very spongey, soft, and gooey so is almost like an even better brownie!

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3. Petite Chocolate Raspberry Cakes

Petite Chocolate Raspberry Cakes

Source: Petite Chocolate Raspberry Cakes

There’s nothing quite as good as having your mini cake. It’s even better when the recipe is quite simple to make. The crust on these Petite Chocolate Raspberry Cakes by Vanessa Croessmann only requires two ingredients. The chocolate filling is fudge-like and melts in your mouth together with the raspberries. Delicious!

4. Lemon Curd Raspberry Cake

Lemon Curd Raspberry Cake

Source: Lemon Curd Raspberry Cake

Tangy and sweet, this Lemon Curd Raspberry Cake by Margaux Mouton is the perfect tea accompaniment. Polenta makes up the majority of this cake’s base, and the tofu-based top is creamy and lemony. Lemon curd is also drizzled on top but you can replace it with zesty date syrup or a berry sauce and have an equally magical effect. Best of all, this cake is done in less than an hour from start to finish!

5. Chocolate Raspberry Crepe Cake

Chocolate Raspberry Crepe Cake

Source: Chocolate Raspberry Crepe Cake

This is the most fun cake to make! Layers of thin and delicious crepes make up this Chocolate Raspberry Crepe Cake by Amy Lanza. The crepes are layered with thick vegan cream or yogurt, fresh raspberries, and chopped chocolate.

6. Mini Raspberry Swirl Cakes

Mini Raspberry Swirl Cakes

Source: Mini Raspberry Swirl Cakes

Sometimes you might feel like you want to have a cake. But you don’t feel like making the whole thing, baking it, and then filling yourself up with a massive sugar dose. These Mini Raspberry Swirl Cakes by Laine Rudolfa are almost raw, low in sugar, fruity, refreshing, and filling. They’re also easy to make because you don’t have to bake them. The freezer will do its job instead. And the beautiful raspberry swirl on the top will make these cakes a hit at any party.

7. Raw Raspberry Licorice Mini Cakes

Raw Raspberry Licorice Mini Cakes

Source: Raw Raspberry Licorice Mini Cakes

These delicious and beautiful Raw Raspberry Licorice Mini Cakes by Natalie Yonan combine bright and fruity raspberries with sweet and salty licorice. The filling is given a creamy touch from cashews and is sweetened light with agave nectar. Include this at your next party spread for a colorful touch.

8. White and Dark Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Chia Jam

White and Dark Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Chia Jam

Source: White and Dark Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Chia Jam

This combination of creamy double chocolate filling, rich chocolate base, and tangy raspberry jam is just irresistible. The crunchiness of the intensely chocolate base beautifully complements the softness and lightness of the chocolate filling layers, while the raspberry jam adds that gorgeous zing and cuts through the richness of all the chocolate. You might just fall in love with this White and Dark Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Chia Jam by Maja Brekalo.

Reprinted with permission from Bake it Vegan by Maja Brekalo, Page Street Publishing Co. 2021. Photo credit: Maja Brekalo

9. Raspberry Linzer Mousse Cakes

Raspberry Linzer Mousse Cakes

Source: Raspberry Linzer Mousse Cakes

These Raspberry Linzer Mousse Cakes by Gretchen Price contain a thin layer of raspberry jam (as any Linzer cookie should have). A light hazelnut mousse dome encases the fresh raspberry compote. The vegan version of mirror glaze brings it all together with shards of caramelized hazelnuts, this dessert is a showstopper for sure.

10. Chocolate 3-Layer Cake With Raspberry Fudge Icing

Chocolate 3-Layer Cake With Raspberry Fudge Icing

Source: Chocolate 3-Layer Cake With Raspberry Fudge Icing

This Chocolate 3-Layer Cake With Raspberry Fudge Icing by Natalie Martin MS, RD and Lexie Staten MS, RD is chocolate on chocolate on chocolate, and in case that’s not enough, it’s covered in chocolate fudge icing because… why not? A whole food, plant-based chocolate 3-layer cake free of refined sugar, dairy, and oil covered in a 4-ingredient raspberry fudge icing.

11. Raspberry and Dragon Fruit Mousse Cake

Raspberry and Dragon Fruit Mousse Cake

Source: Raspberry and Dragon Fruit Mousse Cake

This Raspberry and Dragon Fruit Mousse Cake by Leno Regushadze is an amazing dessert experience. Melt-in-your-mouth and sweet, with a dark chocolate drizzle, it gets its amazing mousse-like texture from cashews and its flavor from fresh, juicy dragon fruit and raspberries. You’ve got to try it to believe it. Healthy and flavorful — what’s not to love here?

12. Chocolate, Raspberry and Beetroot Cheesecake

Chocolate, Raspberry and Beetroot Cheesecake

Source: Chocolate, Raspberry and Beetroot Cheesecake

A delicious and beautiful cake! The combination of chocolate, raspberry, and beetroot is irresistible and the result is such a beautiful sight. Enjoy making and eating this Chocolate, Raspberry, and Beetroot Cheesecake by Pamela Higgins!

13. Raw Matcha Raspberry Cheesecake With a Raisin-Walnut Crust

Raw Matcha Raspberry Cheesecake With a Raisin-Walnut Crust

Source: Raw Matcha Raspberry Cheesecake With a Raisin-Walnut Crust

This raw cheesecake has a creamy cashew-vanilla layer, a layer of matcha cheesecake, and a topping of fresh raspberries. It may look fancy — because it is — but it’s so easy to make, that even a dessert beginner can handle it. This Raw Matcha Raspberry Cheesecake With a Raisin-Walnut Crust by Lera Krasovskaya will be a hit at any party!

14. 2-Layer Raspberry Cream Cake

2-Layer Raspberry Cream Cake

Source: 2-Layer Raspberry Cream Cake

So pretty in pink with a delicious vegan chocolate base and topped with fresh berries, this 2-Layer Raspberry Cream Cake by Kristina Jug & Mitja Bezensek screams summer. This pink, fruity, and decadent cake is one that everyone will love and ask for seconds. You could even make a bit extra of this cake and make adorable little cake jars! When the party is over and the cake is gone, you’ll still have leftovers! Genius.

15. Chia Raspberry Cheesecake

Chia Raspberry Cheesecake

Source: Chia Raspberry Cheesecake

This Chia Raspberry Cheesecake by Mitra Shirmohammadi will brighten anyone’s day just by looking at it – and it tastes even better. The rich sticky date crust is topped with a silky smooth cashew cheesecake and then finished with a homemade raspberry chia compote that makes this cake truly special.

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