For some, that one morning cup of coffee just isn’t going to do it.  However, even for the most hardened coffee lovers, drinking multiple cups during the day is a recipe for sleepless nights, sweats, and palpitations!  It’s a good thing that there are delicious desserts and treats out there that will fix that coffee craving, but with, perhaps, less of the kick.

These OGP coffee-flavored dessert recipes will hit you with that rich dark flavor that you are after with some, but much less, of the caffeine.

1.  Salted Caramel Espresso Cake

Salted Caramel Espresso Cake 2

Source: Salted Caramel Espresso Cake/One Green Planet

Three and a half tablespoons of espresso do just the trick in this Salted Caramel Espresso Cake by Jessica Prescott.  Crunchy walnuts are the base of this vegan and gluten-free cake that is filled with rich coffee, creamy cashews, and luxurious dark chocolate.  This is certainly a cake for a special occasion.

2.  Mini Coffee Monkey Bread

Coffee Monkey Bread

Source:  Mini Coffee Monkey Bread/One Green Planet

This Mini Coffee Monkey Bread by Gabrielle St. Claire consists of real coffee grounds.  These are a cross between monkey bread, cinnamon rolls, and coffee cake, and the combination is a winner.  These are great to take to parties or to share around.  They would also make a fun breakfast treat to enjoy with your morning brew.

3.  Caramel Coffee Layer Cake

Coffee Layer Cake

Source: Caramel Coffee Layer Cake/One Green Planet

This Caramel Coffee Layer Cake by Holly Jade is absolutely stunning.  It is four layers of light, fluffy, rich, delicious cake.  Salted caramel, chocolate, and coffee flavors all power through and work beautifully together.  Anyone would be thrilled to receive this as a birthday cake or to get a huge slice of it at an afternoon tea party.

4.  Coffee and Walnut Cake

Walnut Cake

Source: Coffee and Walnut Cake/One Green Planet

Coffee and walnuts are quite the companions, and they team up again in this Coffee and Walnut Cake by Fabio Gallo.  Espresso makes an appearance in the cake and in the fluffy buttercream icing.  A good book, a hot drink, and a generous slice of this cake would help make for the perfect cozy afternoon.

5.  Chocolate Cold Brew Ice Cream

Cold Brew Ice Cream

Source: Chocolate Cold Brew Ice Cream/One Green Planet

Here is an amazing recipe for Chocolate Cold Brew Ice Cream by Angelina Papanikolaou.  The ice cream itself looks heavenly and tastes divine.  This frozen dessert keeps things cool while the coffee and chocolate add a deep, indulgent richness.  Don’t forget the real dark chocolate sprinkles.

6.  Bundt Cake With Espresso Glaze

Bundt Cake With Espresso Glaze

Source: Bundt Cake With Espresso Glaze/One Green Planet

This Bundt Cake With Espresso Glaze by Deniz Kilic is a delight to cut into.  The cake has swirls of chocolate and coffee and the whole thing is covered in a gooey espresso glaze which is well worth the extra work.  Chopped walnuts cover this traditional doughnut-shaped dessert.

7.  Vanilla Creme Cappuccino Pie

Iced Cappuccino Pie [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

Source: Vanilla Creme Cappuccino Pie/One Green Planet

Have a look at these irresistible Vanilla Creme Cappuccino Pies by Janie Gianotsos.  These gluten-free slices have a date, coconut, and oat base that is topped with a layer of vanilla pudding, and on top of that, you’ll find a second layer of coffee-flavored pudding.  This is an easy no-bake recipe that with please any guest.

8.  Cinnamon Doughnuts With Coffee and Vanilla Glaze

Cinnamon Doughnuts With a Coffee and a Vanilla Glaze

Source: Cinnamon Doughnuts With Coffee and Vanilla Glaze/One Green Planet 

These Cinnamon Doughnuts With Coffee and Vanilla Glaze by Holly Jade look amazing and are pretty simple to whip up.  Being baked, they are also much healthier than their deep-fried cousins!  Once you have covered your doughnuts with the glaze, you can find all kinds of fun things to sprinkle on them, such as grated chocolate or more cinnamon.

9.  One-Bowl Chocolate Cupcakes

Chocolate Cupcakes

Source: One-Bowl Chocolate Cupcakes/One Green Planet

Well just take a look at these gorgeous little One-Bowl Chocolate Cupcakes by Megan Calipari.  These mini edible works of art are moist, delicate, and oh so chocolatey.  Don’t be deterred by the fancy piping.   As stunning as it looks, if that just doesn’t seem doable, the cupcakes will taste just as good with a good slathering of a vegan buttercream of your choice.

10.  Easy Vegan Tiramisu with Panettone

Easy Vegan Tiramisu with Panettone

Source: Easy Vegan Tiramisu with Panettone/One Green Planet

Tiramisu has to be the ultimate in coffee-flavored desserts, and when you have a slice at a restaurant, it rarely looks easy to make.  Well, with this recipe for Easy Vegan Tiramisu with Panettone by Angie Li, you can have a restaurant experience in your own home.  This simple recipe even has you making your own vegan mascarpone from silken tofu.

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