When Boomer’s Buddies Rescue spotted this mama and her two babies in the medical ward of an animal shelter, they knew they had to take them home. Mama cat was so scared of human touch, most likely from her tough past, but it was also clear that she was craving love and affection and wanted the best for her babies. Instead of separating the family, the rescue decided to bring them all home together!

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“Once I got home and looked at her paperwork in detail, I noticed it said she came in with 3 babies. I guess one of them didn’t make it in the few days they were at the shelter. The 2 babies she has left are about 4-5 weeks old, but weigh as much as a healthy 2-3 week old. They are tiny for their age. I think that’s the reason their eyes look like they’re bulging out of their face! Mama isn’t making enough milk supply… most likely due to not getting enough food herself. But don’t worry, because we’ll hopefully fatten them up and have them ready for their forever home in no time,” said Boomer’s Buddies Rescue.

Although the babies were underweight and needed time to build up their strength, they were all so energetic and full of life. “Butter is very sweet and calm. Always politely waiting his turn for feedings and a very sleepy boy. Jam on the other hand, is quite the wild child. Always screaming for food and running around like a parkour maniac,” said the rescue.

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After closely examining her surroundings, mama finally determined that it was safe enough to come out of the carrier and explore her new home.

The rescue quickly discovered that the whole family had fleas, and gave them all sponge baths until they were all clean. They enjoyed a nice warm dinner and cuddles to thank their new foster mom. This mama cat is eternally grateful that her babies are safe and happy.

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Boomer’s Buddies Rescue is a dog and cat rescue that is committed to taking on difficult cases such as abuse, severe medical trauma, and animals needing long or short-term hospice care. They are 100 percent volunteer-based, which means every dollar goes towards the animals. You can donate here. If you’re interested in adopting, you can learn more here.

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