When faced with a crisis, survival mode sets in. Thankfully, the mentality of many isn’t always “every man for himself,” but instead, quite the opposite. Take, for example, this last week in Texas, when massive floods put both humans and animals in extreme danger.

Animals like the horse in this video fought for survival amidst heavy rains in Humble Texas, near Houston. Luckily, a brave woman named Devon Horn courageously tried to save the struggling horse, who was quickly succumbing to the forceful flood waters. As the horse fought to stay afloat, the woman swam out to pull the horse ashore. At the end of the video, we see Devon and the horse walking together on dry land. Thank goodness!

County crews worked tirelessly to save more than seventy horses in the area during the storms. We’re so amazed by the fearlessness of these workers, and admire them for putting their lives in danger to save these magnificent beings! It’s inspiring to see people going to incredible lengths to save animals!