Despite the fact that many consider wild horses American icons, these animals are being threatened across the U.S. Unfortunately, wild horses are seen as competition for cattle on grazing lands, and as a result, they are being systematically rounded up and removed from their native habitat. The Bureau of Land Management uses helicopters to round them up and transport the horses either to government holding facilities or they are sent to auction.

This is no sort of life for these amazing, majestic animals. This video shows the kind of life that wild horses deserve, one where they can enjoy their environment and live without fear of being captured and sent to a glorified jail cell.


The odds might be stacked against the American wild horse, but luckily there are many activists working to protect them. The American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign (AWHPC) is dedicated to preserving the freedom of these beautiful creatures. To learn more about wild horses and what you can do to ensure their safety, click here.