Costa Rica has been long revered for being one of the most biodiverse communities on the planet.  Sadly, the country’s wildlife often falls victim to deforestation and dangerous poachers. Since 2008, The Costa Rican Animal Rescue Center has stepped in to help save these precious endangered animals from the merciless hands of other humans.

Animals come into The Costa Rican Animal Rescue Center for several reasons: Poaching, habitat loss, traffic accidents, and electrocution from power lines. But no matter the case, the rescue team is always focused on rescue, rehabilitation, and release.


In the video above, the one-armed young sloth is in the rehabilitation stage. Guided by his human friend who volunteers at the sanctuary, this determined little softie refuses to let his disability stop him from giving his all in learning to crawl, and our hearts could not be more full.

The Costa Rican Animal Rescue Center is a beautiful sanctuary that deserves public awareness and assistance. For regular updates on their adorable animals, follow them on Facebook.  For information on how you can donate money, supplies, or hands-on time at the sanctuary (yes, they welcome visiting volunteers to stay at the rescue!), please check out their website.