Haven’t you always dreamed of running your own factory farm where you can fatten up animals as they live in cruel and inhumane conditions, only to kill them and sell them as food? … We haven’t either. And yet, with the new game “Fat Chicken,” that’s exactly what you can do! Aren’t you stoked?! C’mon guys, inflicting a horror show on an animal is good, old fashioned F-U-N!


If you’re shocked and appalled, that’s pretty much the tone this game is going for. Designed as a biting commentary on the abuses of factory farms, the game’s designers set out to make the entire premise as heinous as possible. With so much material to work with, the difficulty for the design team was most likely not what to include, but rather how to tone the atrocities down in order to keep the feel of the game light. Factory farms are notorious for keeping animals in cramped conditions, often leaving them unable to sit or turn around. They are sick, filled with chemicals, painfully altered to keep from attacking each other due to their fear and madness and then trotted off en mass to be slaughtered. Why in the world are we making a game out of this again?

The designers of the game described the point behind it like this, “Fat Chicken is a passion project for the team at Relevant Games, and is inspired by the work of Will Potter (Author of “Green is the new Red,” activist and journalist), his efforts to expose the horrors of factory farming and challenging Ag-Gag legislation. Our Sr. Creative, Randy Greenback, went to work collecting data, bringing in real-world elements and issues, then weaving them into a blown out looney-tunes satirical world full of interesting game play challenges.”

So what kinds of things can one do in this game? As the game’s website says, “Get an inside look at the insidious world of Factory Farming, where everything is not as “Old MacDonald” as it seems!”

The object of the game is to raise cows, pigs and chickens in an effort to overthrow the top dog, Fat Chicken Meat Co. Basically, aspire to be a bigger jerkwad than the top ranking jerkwads.

The animal characters of “Fat Chicken” have corn hurled at them to fatten them up in a way that can be accomplished quickly and easily with a spoon and a jar of Speculoos Cookie Butter. 

Dose your livestock characters with antibiotics and  growth hormones so you can “grow them to epic proportions” in order to earn those “MurderBux.” We love the term “MurderBux.” Also acceptable would have been, “CrueltyCash” or “TortureTwenties.”

The animals then, rather conveniently and cartoonishly, become meat products after undergoing a “meat-splosion.” You read that correctly, a “meat-splosion.” This is a word now. So much eeeeewww.

In an attempt to make factory farms exactly like Vegas, in that what happens there is supposed to stay there, you can shoot down drones and aliens (really?) intent on skirting Ag-Gag laws. 


Protect your operation from evil, hippy protesters because, you know, they’re the real problem here.

You can watch the trailer for the game here if you want to see all of the satirical and unsettling action for yourselves. 


Image Credits: relevantgames.com

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