Will Potter, an investigative journalist and TED Fellow, knows a thing or two about the way the media works, having written about shootings and murders for the Chicago Tribune. As a break from his extremely tough work on that beat, Potter decided to help a local group non-violently campaign against animal testing.

By simply dispersing information, Potter said that he thought this activism would “be a safe way to do something positive.” Boy, was he wrong! Instead, he was detained by officials and told he needed to cooperate in helping to halt other forms of protest — or else face imprisonment. He was even visited by the FBI.

When did peaceful protest become terrorism? How does fighting for animal rights in a non-violent manner become a crime? Delve into the story of how fighting for animal and environmental rights has become a threat to corporate and government interests — and therefore more criminalized than ever before.

Watch and share this short but powerful video. It’s extremely important that we question this issue, before we are no longer able to non-violently express our opposition to the cruelties and injustices of the world.

Image source: Ted