National Mill Dog Rescue has freed 41 dogs from an Arkansas puppy mill that had been in business for over 30 years. The rescue, carried out on March 14th, was captured by the rescue team and shared in the hopes that it would highlight the importance of adopting, not shopping for a new pet.

The rescuers found dozens of dogs living in distressing squalor; kept in cages without anything even resembling proper care. The horrid conditions, in which so many animals were forced to live in for years, were completely heartbreaking – but the dogs’ plight has finally come to an end. As the rescue reports, the woman responsible for operating the breeding facility is now out of business.


21 of the rescued dogs were transported to Lily’s Haven to start their new lives. The journey took all night, but it was worth it. All the animals saved from the facility are now safe, they receive the medical help they need, and they will soon look for their new homes.

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