Meal prep kit companies have been popping up left and right in recent years. Combining convenience with high-quality ingredients and creative recipes, many of these brands have proven to be successful with the always-on-the-go population who still value health and nutrition. Purple Carrot, a 100 percent plant-based meal prep kit company, saw sales soar after partnering with Tom Brady, and a recent $4 million investment has allowed them to further expand their brand. And now there is even greater news from them — Purple Carrot is making the switch to 100 percent recyclable packaging!

In a press release, Purple Carrot announced their new corrugated boxes are composed of 95 percent post-consumer material and their ice packs are 100 percent water-filled, drain-safe, and environmentally disposable.

Andy Levitt, CEO of Purple Carrot, stated in the release, “Given the urgency of addressing the significant environmental issues we all face, we encourage other meal kit companies to invest in sustainable packaging solutions to help address this industry-wide issue.”

Millennials are major contributors to the economy as well as leaders in the sustainability and plant-based movements, with nearly half of millennials surveyed saying they ditch meat for environmental concerns and 73 percent of them saying they are willing to pay more for products that come from sustainable brands. Considering millennials make up a large percentage of the meal prep kit customer base, Purple Carrot’s shift toward improved sustainability is not only great for the planet, but it also has the potential to be financially beneficial for the brand. As Food Dive points out, consumers who opt for plant-based meals for ethical or environmental reasons will be more inclined to become loyal Purple Carrot customers as a result of the switch to recyclable packaging. Talk about a win-win!

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Image Source: purplecarrotxo/Instagram