Typically, falling out of a truck onto the highway isn’t exactly considered a good thing. However, if you’re a factory farm piglet on your way to the slaughterhouse, it can actually be a lifesaving event! When one exceptionally lucky piglet recently fell out of the transport truck he was riding in, a kind truck driver stopped and rescued him from the side of the road.

Unable to give the sweet piglet the home and care he needs and deserves, the driver made sure that he got to The Blind Spot Animal Sanctuary, a North Carolina non-profit organization that “provides lifelong, loving care to neglected and homeless farm animals, placing those who are adoptable in forever homes.”



After spending some time relaxing and getting a health check at the sanctuary, the little guy is doing well and is in the process of getting his health certificate. The adorable piglet is almost ready to make his final journey to his forever home with a compassionate family in North Chesterfield, Virginia! This selfless family has offered to give him a new life where he can happily enjoy the rest of his days and never spend another second cooped up in an uncomfortable crate like he was on the farm.

This piglet’s family can’t wait to welcome him home, but they need your help getting him there! If you or anyone you know is able to help transport him from The Blind Spot Animal Sanctuary in La Grange, North Carolina to his forever home in North Chesterfield, Virginia, the piglet would greatly appreciate it! Even if you can only take him part of the way, it will help this precious boy make it to his final destination.

Can’t offer transportation for this pig? Don’t worry — you can still make a difference in the lives of farm animals like this piglet by making a donation to The Blind Spot Animal Sanctuary. No matter how small, your contribution will help this great organization continue to do the much-needed work of informing the public about the cruel reality of factory farming and saving innocent farm animals who desperately need care and loving homes!


Image Source: The Blind Spot Animal Sanctuary/Facebook