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Due to the vast number of animals that are subjected to a life of abuse on a factory farm, sometimes it can be difficult to comprehend how we’ve made them live such an agonizing life. Because, truly, how can we possibly understand the suffering of billions of animals?

This is why some of the most effective videos on the plight of farm animals take us into the life of a single animal, or make a connection between our lives and theirs. Sometimes people are not yet ready to see undercover footage of factory farms, or they want to know but simply can’t bring themselves to look, which is why these five videos explore the ramifications of factory farming without any gore.

Now, a 13-year-old named Kyle Kelleher has created another video that can be added to this powerful list. Through claymation and a chilling narration, Kelleher gives us a glimpse into what it’s like to be a pig in a gestation crate — a two-foot wide cage used by the agriculture industry to confine breeding pigs for the duration of their lives.

Kelleher uses this art form to give a voice to the animals to suffer through very real and saddening industry of industrialized farming — a practice whose existence is hard to grasp in today’s modern world.

See Kellenher’s video for yourself below, and before you hit play, please be aware that the subject matter may be upsetting, and that there are some real-life images of factory farms at the very end of the film.