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Finally, some grabbing-wild-animals-for-pics-related news that we can be happy about! A recent video posted to YouTube shows a woman on an archipelago off the coast of Brazil snatching a shark pup out of the ocean, only to be bitten; don’t worry, it looks like the little one didn’t do much damage. A man with a camera, most likely the one who was going to snap the photo of her holding the shark, had to step in to help free her from the little one’s jaws. Seems like both parties manages to make it our unscathed, but we’re willing to bet that this tourist is going to live to regret her choice to mess with the local wildlife because … she has been slapped with a fine of R$20,000 ($6,400), courtesy of the Brazillian government.

While we would like to believe that most people think we should not snatch up wild animals for something as self-serving as posing for a photo, there have been a few troubling stories that have put our faith in humanity to the test. First, it seems like the desire to take selfies with animals puts peoples’ common sense on hold. Last month, a stranded baby dolphin died after being passed around by tourists who wanted proof that they saw a dolphin. A year earlier, an endangered baby dolphin was killed the same way. And, of course, it seems to defy good judgment to grab a tiny shark with a mouth full of sharp, pointy teeth (no matter how dainty they are). But then again, someone was once bitten while attempting to take a selfie with a wild crocodile.

In no way are we shaming selfies — we could all use a little self-love every now and again, after all — but it is undeniable that selfie culture has changed the way that some people view wild animals. Not only does taking photo opps with animals put them at risk, it can (and has) put the selfie-taker at risk. Hopefully, in this instance, the one-two combo of being bitten and fined for her behavior will make this person think twice before messing with wildlife.

Image source: Don O’Van/Youtube