The first Plant Based World Conference and Expo will take place June 7-8, 2019 in New York City, bringing together top leaders in the plant-based food space. The first day will feature two days of education in conference setting with topics on business, community, and healthcare, as well as an expo floor packed with brands and products that will be open to the public on the second day; and everyone involved is excited to be a part of this sure-to-be successful event.

The Advisory Council boasts an impressive group of individuals from Farm Sanctuary, The Good Food Institute, Forks Over Knives, Purple Carrot, as well as One Green Planet co-founder and author of the Eat for the Planet book, Nil Zacharias, just to name a few. And now we are happy to report that six new members have joined: Eric Adams, Borough President of Brooklyn; Josh Balk, Vice President of Farm Animal Protection, The Humane Society of the United States; Michele Simon, Executive Director, Plant Based Foods Association; Stephanie Redcross, Founder and Managing Director, Vegan Mainstream; Matt de Gruyter, Co-Founder and CEO, Next Level Burger; and Lisa Feria, CEO, Stray Dog Capital.

Michele Simon stated, “Working closely with the top plant-based food companies, I understand the challenges many of these businesses face, especially in the start-up phase. I am happy to support Plant Based World’s effort to address these challenges by bringing together experts in the field to educate and inspire, and to showcase the exciting innovation of this fast-growing food sector.”

The plant-based food space has been seeing unprecedented growth, with more people identifying as vegan, vegetarian, and “flexitarian” more than ever before. Nearly half of Americans surveyed said they support a ban on slaughterhouses and prefer animal-free meat, and nearly half of millennials surveyed said they regularly ditch meat for environmental concerns. In general, global demand for plant-based food products has risen by 140 percent in just a few years, and there is no sign of this slowing down. These market trends are valuable to the venture capitalist community that will be present at the conference. Lisa Feria, CEO of Stray Dog Capital and Syndicate Leader of the GlassWall Syndicate investment group, stated, “I am very excited about the Plant Based World Conference and Expo. At Stray Dog Capital we’re always looking for exciting innovation, trends and partners. The PBW team has put together a compelling and diverse slate that would get any Venture Capital investor excited. We’re looking forward to learning, growing and investing in some great companies.”

Josh Balk stated, “Our partnership with the food service industry on shifting to plant-based meals creates healthier consumers, combats climate change, and saves money on ingredient and purchasing cost. It turns out that being better for the planet is also better for the bottom line. We’re thrilled to be part of the Plant Based World event and for attendees to learn about the exciting innovations in the field that could forever change the food system.”

This conference is the first of its kind to bring together top leaders from across the plant-based food space, standing as a unified voice in the fight to build a better food system.

To learn more about the conference and expo, visit the Plant Based World’s website here.

And to stay posted on leaders and innovators in the plant-based food space, be sure to listen in to the Eat for the Planet with Nil Zacharias podcast!

Image Source: Pixabay