Our world’s current food system dominated by industrialized animal agriculture is unsustainable and destructive. This inefficient system is responsible for mass deforestation, the loss and even extinction of species, gross air and water pollution that is making us sick, and it contributes more harmful greenhouse gas emissions than the entire transportation sector combined.

On top of all this, diets high in animal products are directly linked to health conditions like heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. As if this were not enough, industrialized animal agriculture is also responsible for the rampant rise in antibiotic-resistant bacteria, which is a major public health concern. Thankfully, the world is becoming more aware of the dangers of animal agriculture and the benefits of a plant-based diet. In fact, overall demand for plant-based products has increased by 140 percent in the past few years. And now, the first ever conference and expo completely dedicated to plant-based food will be taking place next June!

The Plant Based World Conference and Expo will be held at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City on June 7-8, 2019. The expo portion of the event will showcase plant-based foods, beverages, services, and brands, and the conference will focus on information for healthcare professionals (the conference is CME accredited), as well as for businesses and consumers. The goal of the event is to bring the topic of plant-based living to a mainstream audience.

“We hope to catalyze a more rapid shift towards plant-based living by providing a professional space where healthcare professionals, product manufacturers, service providers, retailers, entrepreneurs, investors and consumers alike can find world-class education, high-level networking opportunities and the most up-to-date innovations,” said Ben Davis of Plant Based World. “By creating more opportunities for this movement to expand we hope to play a major role in the progression towards a healthier human race and a more sustainable planet to share with all living beings.”

The event is being developed with guidance from a world-class council of advisors including Tom Dunnam, Co-Founder of The Plantrician Project; Brian Wendel the Founder and President of Forks Over Knives; Nelson Campbell, Founder of PlantPure Nation; Gene Baur, Founder of Farm Sanctuary; Nil Zacharias, Co-Founder of One Green Planet and author of the Eat For the Planet book; Andy Levitt, Founder and CEO of Purple Carrot; Alison Rabschnuk, Director of Corporate Engagement for The Good Food Institute; and several others.

“An event like Plant Based World Conference and Expo is timely and necessary to help foster dialogue and sharing of ideas and expertise that can accelerate the growth of the plant-based food industry,” One Green Planet’s co-founder Nil Zacharias stated, “As the largest digital media platform focused on food and sustainability, we are excited to support this initiative and partner with aligned organizations and individuals who are working on solutions to upgrade our broken food system.”

This is an event that is not only centered around bringing people together but finding real-world solutions to some of the challenges being faced by players in the growing plant-based food space.
“Both the expo and conference program will be designed by those who understand the challenges that businesses on all sides of the spectrum face and what they are looking to accomplish,” Davis explains. “Brands will be able to connect with buyers from the food service and retail space, entrepreneurs will be able to meet with investors and potentially receive funding at the event, and all who attend will find educational programming specific to their needs. PBW is the only event that is giving the plant-based ideology the specific attention it deserves and any business looking to make a name for itself in this rapidly evolving space will want to be involved.”

If we want to create a better food system that can help feed the world’s growing population without causing undue harm to the environment or animals, we need to put a serious focus on the rising plant-based food space. Consumer demand for plant-based products has only increased in the past few years, but there remain numerous challenges for brands and companies that are looking to replace meat and dairy. By fostering relationships and sharing information at conferences like this one, we can collectively empower plant-based businesses and provide the education that is so sorely needed to bring about real, lasting change.

To learn more about the conference and expo, visit the Plant Based World website here. And remember to share this with your friends and family who would be interested in attending the event!

Image Source: r.classen/Shutterstock