With shelters often overrun with too many animals, many don’t find a home. At high-kill shelters, the animals only have a week or two to find a forever home before they are put down. Thankfully, there are many kind people out there who run no-kill shelters. These people make it their life’s mission to find homeless animals a forever family. Even with many people working overtime, it often takes weeks, if not months, for a dog or cat to find a home. In Tina P.’s case … it took ten years.

Tina P. is an adorable and affectionate Pit Bull. Her “family” dropped her off at a boarding facility in Charlotte, North Carolina ten yeas ago, and never came back. She has been looking for a new home and family since then. Despite their often loving and gentle demeanor, Pit Bulls have gained quite the bad reputation over the past few years. Because of this, Pit Bulls are by far the most common breed seen in shelters across the country. It is estimated that as many as 33 percent of shelters dogs are either Pit Bulls or pittie mixes.


Her breed, along with her growing age, made it incredibly hard to find a home for Tina P. Luckily, the American Pit Bull Foundation (APBF)  heard about Tina’s struggles and stepped in to help this sweet girl. After creating an adorable Facebook page for Tina, her story went viral. This past fall, Tina’s Facebook page was shared among many different rescue groups and people. It worked! On Christmas eve, Tina P., along with her APBF foster mom, Jennifer McAllister Hunt, made a trip to the midwest. Tina’s new family was waiting there with a wonderful house right near Chicago.

Tina P. has a zest for life that makes her seem much younger than she actually is. Now she will get to live out the best years of her life with her new, loving family. If you visit her Facebook page, you can see Tina cuddled up on one of her many, cozy beds, or sharing kisses with everyone. Though it took ten whole years, this girl finally found her forever home and will get the love she deserves.

Tina P., the adorable pittie, is finally going home to a new family.

Thanks to her foster mom and the American Pit Bull Society, Tina won’t have to live out her days in a shelter.

Tina’s story shows the power of social media in the effort to find homes for animals.

All image source: TheLifeandTimesofTinaP/Facebook