Chris Beetow knows pets…or at least, he knows your pets. A professional illustrator, Beetow does commission work based off of a picture of a particular pet and any descriptions their guardian has to share. He then sets about creating a custom piece that not only captures little Lulu’s likeness, but also their personality. Says the artist of his work, “Instead of just focusing on what the critter looks like, I try to capture who they are – their quirks, their habits, and the side of them that only their owner sees.”

We think he pretty much nails it, as the portraits are colorful, unique, sweet and charming. Just like your buddy. Let’s face it, who among us wouldn’t love a personalized piece of art for their house that captures on canvas just how special our furry housemates are? Call us slightly obsessed, but we’d totally put this in a place of honor. Maybe with some track lighting. Is a wall plaque with their name on it like a gallery piece pushing it?


To produce something this awesome, the artist in question would have to care an awful lot about his subjects and their families which, clearly, Beetow does. “I am very touched when I get laughter as a response, and sometimes tears if the pet has passed, because it means I have hit the mark,” He explains. “I have made the owner’s feelings for their beloved furry friend visible.” We couldn’t agree more. It’s not hard to pick up the little character quirks each of these cuties posses when we look at their cartoonish mugs.


I love this stuffy and I love you. I’m just a big ball of affection up in here. 

I’m a glass is half full kinda dog…as long as it’s half full of treats!

Hey man, it’s cool. I’m a chill kinda guy. I’m the Lebowski of dogs.

My darling…I will sweep you off of your feet with my slobbery kisses and incessant snuggles. You will know that you are mi amor.

What are we doing now? Huh? What? I don’t know what you said, but I’m pretty stoked just to be here!

 I’m all about the zen, baby. 

(Yaaawwwwnn) Yeahhh, I’m gonna catch up with you later, there’s a corner of the couch with my name on it.

You’d better watch out…I will find the right time…and then I will unleash kisses that you can’t fend off!

You know, I’m just happy to be here. Life is great man.

I think we all know who’s in charge here, people. 

My heart will love you forever. That’s what I’m trying to tell you every time I snort in your ear with my sweet little snout.

It’s not easy to be so dashing, but I think I pull it off flawlessly.

I make no apologies for enjoying a smackerel of something sweet from time to time. 

I’m the eyes and ears of this outfit. There isn’t a thing that goes on around here that gets past me. Even your attempt to do the Dougie in the kitchen yesterday.

Image Credits: Chris Beetow