There’s just something about dogs that make them whimsical. They’re basically happiness personified, their agenda in life being to get as many belly rubs as possible, while maintaining a permanent six-inch radius from you at all times. Take a look into their sweet, affectionate eyes and it’s apparent that they’re truly the most eternally optimistic beings on earth.

Which is exactly what Alicja Zmyslowska of Ruda Slaska, Poland has been able to so effortlessly capture in the portraits she takes of dogs. “Animals are my passion.” She says on her website, which actually goes without saying, once you’ve had the pleasure of looking at her work. Softly lit and in settings that add to the already innate cheerfulness of dogs, these photos truly highlight their lovable subjects.


For pet photography to be a truly special work of art and not just a picture you could’ve taken with your phone at the bark park, it has to really capture something about the dog or cat that shows their personality. Zmyslowska absolutely nails this. “Every pet is different, not only in terms of appearance.” She says. “My goal is to show the uniqueness in the photo.”


I’m walkin’ on sunshine, yeeaahhh, and it’s time to feel GOOD!

Psst! The human is pointing that lens thingy at us again, act like you don’t see her.

Okay girls, assume the “Sex in The City” pose! Haha, nice try Gina but I’m the Carrie. 

This is where I go when I want to get my Masterpiece Theater on.

You want me to act natural? Okay, how’s this? Hey, you said act natural, this is what I usually do!

Sometimes, during the quiet moments, I find myself wondering about the mysteries of life. Like, why do you stop existing when you walk through that door in the front of the house? And then, how do you suddenly come back to life later that day? So many questions, so few answers.

There’s a bird up there. I know there is.

Awww, and a butterfly too!

I know this is gonna be a really awesome picture, but it’s kinda taking foreeeeever.

Bet you can’t find me!




Image Credits: Alicja Zmyslowska