There are so many benefits to being a dog guardian, one of the greatest being that our canine companions always add amusement to our lives. Sometimes they are terrified of walking past cats, just content with comforting others, or just making some funny faces.

Instagram user, Stephanie McCombie (@ifitwags), was inspired by the hilarity of her own dogs, two German shorthair pointers named Travis and Gus, as they ate (or attempted to eat) peanut butter.


She says, “I was watching the boys eating peanut butter one day and burst out laughing at the faces they were making, so I grabbed my camera and started shooting. The photos ended up being so funny I wanted to see other dogs in action!” as reported on the Instagram Blog.

The trend has now caught fire and the #peanutbutterseries has hundreds of other dogs joining in on the fun. Stephanie offers these tips for capturing the best pictures, via the Instagram Blog, “Don’t be afraid of a little mess and have lots of peanut butter on hand. Shooting in a space with lots of light works best … must avoid blurry tongues!”

Check out some of the action below!


[caption id="attachment_148104" align="aligncenter" width="657"]6e1ba4b4682a11e3b3260e53db4a3fd9_8 jessiesheng / Instagram[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_148104" align="aligncenter" width="665"]nelly-the-bc-PB-640x640 Adri / Instagram[/caption]

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