Get ready for some cute news, Green Monsters! At Denkai Community Veterinary Clinic, which rehabilitates farm animals as well as our other four legged friends, there is a very special pit bull puppy who provides comfort to everyone.

According to the Greely Tribune, Dominic, an 18-week-old pit bull, came to Denkai Clinic after police found a mother pit bull with a litter of puppies in a Denver home during a raid.

Since the city of Denver has banned pit bulls through breed specific legislation, they are often brought to organizations outside of the city, like Denkai, to improve their chances of adoption.

Pit bull Dominic has become a particularly valuable member of the Denaki Clinic, earning the title of “Denkai Recovery Specialist” and showing the world that pit bulls are indeed loving companions.

After being adopted by one of the clinic’s staff members, Dominic started accompany his guardian to the clinic. What happened while he was there one day was quite moving: “One morning, they set a dog just out of surgery on Dominic’s huge red pillow just outside the operating room. Dominic immediately came over to cuddle. That was just his nature … later that day … Dominic lay in the middle of a pile of dogs out of surgery and rested his head on their bodies when they cried. The dog who cried the most got the most cuddle time from Dominic.”

Doesn’t that just melt your heart?! Life with Dogs reports that Dominic now “helps comfort and [calm] the dogs, and even some of the cats, after surgery. Dogs sometimes come out of surgery aggressively, occasionally biting, but with Dominic by their side the dogs wake up calm and happy.”

Hooray for Dominic, and the wonderful staff at Denkai!