Tattoos mean different things to different people. Some are meant to commemorate a date or a person, while others are designed to express the wearer’s artistic nature in a more abstract way. Still others stand for something meaningful, something that resonates with the person selecting it on a deeper level. For many, that something is an animal. Be it one that you have a particular affinity for or maybe a beloved pet, some people feel so connected to animals that they want to make one, or more, a part of them forever.

That’s where Stephanie Flannery comes in. Based out of the Golden Rule Tattoo shop in Phoenix, Arizona, Flannery’s specialty of photo realistic portrait tattoos and love of her own pets (her Instagram is filled with pictures of her pugs under the tags #puglife and #pugsofinstagram) lends itself to incredible permanent tributes. “I think doing tattoos of people’s pets is super fun,” she said of her unique specialty, “Talking to people about their pets while doing the tattoo is super fun for me, I love talking to people about their pets.”


Clearly the feeling is mutual as people love not only talking to her about their pets too, but trusting her to capture their likeness. And capture them she does! It’s obvious that Flannery has a passion for her work along with a great amount of talent, which works out well for her animal loving clients. Whether it’s a portrait of a beloved companion or a rendering of a favorite animal, these pieces are as beautiful, unique and interesting as the animals that inspired them.



A cat portrait that looks like it came straight from hanging on the wall to perfectly adorn an afficionado’s arm. 


Symbolizing peace for many, these doves look awesome in this piece.


This playful fox seems to be looking over her wearer’s shoulder, maybe protecting her from evil as some cultures believe?


 Still other cultures view foxes as spirit guides and representations of wisdom. One thing we can all agree on is that they’re beautiful animals. 


 We feel like Pickles the pug could peek his sweet little face out and lick us at any moment!





 Ravens are incredibly intelligent birds who often represent dark or macabre themes when it comes to animal symbology. We think this one looks anything but macabre with the knowing and peaceful look on his face. 


 When you have two cats to immortalize, we can think of no better place to do it than your own two “paws!”

 This wise little owl is as fun to look at as he is absolutely gorgeous.


The fun and playful cactus wren is the state bird of Arizona, where artist Stephanie Flannery calls home.


If this eagle looks this cool on paper, we can only picture how incredible it’s going to look with skin as its canvas.


 Dali’s “Swans Reflecting Elephants” inspired this fantastically realistic piece.

The poodle in this portrait looks pretty and proud to have a place of honor on this enthusiast’s arm.

This. Crow. Is. Awesome.

Wolves are large predators who help keep local ecosystems balanced. Pack animals in the wild, this guy rides alone. 


Flannery with Howard and Betty the pugs!



Image source: Stephanie Flannery/Instagram

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