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Any animal lover knows that non-human species are truly remarkable. Thanks to extensive field studies, we know that both primates and dolphins are undeniably intelligent beings. Even lesser appreciated species like squids, spiders, crows, sharks and rats have smarts, that if more widely known, would stun anyone.

There are a growing number of books out there about animal intelligence too, giving us an in-depth look at their actions, emotions and clever minds. And now, thanks to video sites like YouTube and Vimeo, we can actually witness intelligent animals like never before.

The five videos below give us an inside look into the intelligent world of animals, showing us that even the most unlikely species are extraordinary.

Check them out to get just a taste of the amazing skills and intelligence that non-human species possess. And be sure to spread around these videos to show others how remarkable animals truly are.

1. Crow swings bird feeder to reach food

2. Veined octopus puts together a broken glass cup

3. Dolphins trick fish with mud “nets”

4. Rats demonstrate 15 incredible tricks

5. Matilda the pig shows off her tricks

Image source:
de:Benutzer:BS Thurner Hof / Wikipedia Commons