There is no better way to cool off from a long, hot summer day than with a nice glass of lemonade. What if we told you that you could help rescue and rehabilitate orangutans all by enjoying a cup of your favorite summer beverage? That would be awesome, right? Well, now you can…virtually!

Jonah Cameron has launched an online lemonade stand to help raise funds to rescue orangutans in honor of International Orangutan Day. Jonah has been featured on OGP for his spectacular mission to raise awareness about palm oil and the many animals that have been impacted by deforestation for palm plantations. After learning that orangutan populations are endangered due to palm oil production, Jonah set out to raise money to help organizations like Borneo Orangutan Survival rescue orangutans in need. To do so, this creative 10-year old is taking the traditional lemonade stand and making it even more amazing.

Jonah writes on his Facebook page, “We live far out in the country and we do not have a busy road for my stall so mum said let’s have a virtual lemonade stall instead, so for today and tomorrow my stall is open here to raise funds for orangutans.”

You can purchase lemonade for orangutans by donating two dollars to Jonah’s MyCause page. While this young animal advocate has not yet pioneered the technology to send us all some real lemonade through our computers, we’re sure he’s not too far from it. So if you were looking for a way to celebrate International Orangutan Day (which should really be every day) just grab a cup of Jonah’s virtual lemonade and enjoy the sweet taste of your kind action.

To learn more about Jonah Cameron, check out this post. To follow him on his journey to save orangutans, like his Facebook page, here.

Image source: Jonah’s Forest Friends/Facebook