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Life for the Bornean orangutan has been made exponentially difficult thanks to the invasive production of palm oil in their jungle habitat. Clear cutting forests to make way for plantations, the home of these beautiful orangutans has been quite literally ripped from underneath them all for the production of consumer goods.

While the story for orangutans living in areas where palm oil is produced never get a happy ending, the story for Damai and Rizki is much different.

Damai and Rizki are brothers who were sadly abandoned by their mother in Kutai National Park. While it is not certain what happened to the mother of these particular babies, it is likely that she was killed by workers clearing the way for palm oil.

The pair were found with wounds on their hands and feet and were both malnourished. Luckily, these adorable orangutan toddlers were found by rescuers from the Center for Orangutan Protection and transported to the nearby Surbaya zoo to be taken care of.

After a week of care the pair are set to be returned to the wild. But the question remains how long will their wild habitat be around to protect them? The jungle Damai and Rizki is not a happy, stable habitat but one that is under constant threat of clearing.

Though many companies are looking to switch to a sustainable method of palm oil production, the rapid rate at which orangutans are being killed in the mean-time requires immediate action. To make sure your consumer goods are not funding deforestation and the loss of Damai and Rizki’s habitat, ditch palm oil from your life. If not for me, for these PRECIOUS little faces…

All images: Robertus Pudyanto/Getty Images